Learning Flow

Learning Flow

This series will help you understand Visual Workflow aka Flow concepts in depth. Visual Workflow allows you to automate business processes by building applications, known as Flows, that collect, update, edit, and create Salesforce information, and then make those flows available to the right users or systems. Flows can execute logic, interact with the Salesforce database, call Apex classes, and guide users through screens for collecting and updating data. When you use Visual Workflow, the apps you build can guide users through complex processes and recommend next steps. Visual Workflow lets users cut through the data and get the results and answers they need. Companies that are using Visual Workflow report seeing dramatic improvements in user adoption, collaboration, and productivity!

Basic Flows

1) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 1 (Launch a Flow using Lightning App)

2) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 2 (Send an HTML email from Flow)

3) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 3 (Hide Date Picker and apply Font-family)

4) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 4 (Use an Inline Visualforce Page to auto launch a Flow)

5) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 5 (Launch a Flow from an Object-Specific Action)

6) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 6 (Enhance Productivity by Uploading Files Directly from a Flow!)

7) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 7 (Learn About the New, Built-in, Debug Tool in the Cloud Flow Designer!)

8) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 8 (Count Number of records in a SObject Collection Variable)

9) Getting Started with Visual Workflow – Part 9 (What? Use Lookup Field into a Flow Screen Element?!!)

Login Flows 

1) Display notice when users log in to Salesforce

2) Two-factor authentication using Login Flow

3) Unconventional application of Two-factor Authentication!

Advanced Flows 

1) Visual Workflow game changer for Salesforce admin/developer

2) Email-to-lead with help of visual workflow

3) Auto select automatically follow records that I create checkbox

4) Survey Powered by Visual Workflow

5) Chatter group data cleansing through visual workflow (Flow)

6) Lead De-duplication through Visual Workflow

7) Add/Remove follower to record with Visual Workflow

8) Visual Workflow (Flow) tips and tricks

9) Deep Clone through Visual Workflow (Flow)

10) Deleting Topics in Salesforce through flow ( A hidden concept)

11) Add/Remove user into Public Group or Queue from Salesforce1 app

12) Mass Transfer Records Using Salesforce1 App

13) Add/Remove Member into Chatter Group from Salesforce1 app

14) Preschedule Chatter Posts

15) Automatically Add New User to Chatter Group

16) Post to Chatter by sending an email

17) Auto Remove Followers From Closed Opportunity

18) Post Opportunity details to a Chatter Group

19) Reminder For Chatter Group Pending Membership Requests

20) Clone Chatter group with members

21) Auto Submit Record into Approval Process With Flow

22) Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow records based on Criteria – Part 1

23) Automatically add Permission Sets to new User

24) Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow records based on Criteria – Part 2

25) Clone Public group or Queue with members

26) Mass Transfer Chatter Files

27) Click and Join Chatter Group

28) Auto Add/Remove Permission Set – Part 1

29) Auto Add/Remove Permission Set – Part 2

30) Auto follow Question after reply

31) Merge Chatter Topics

32) Add Topic to multiple records

33) Reminder email to upload Chatter profile photo

34) Auto Follow New Users In Chatter

35) Automatically Add Records to Chatter Group

36) Add Record to Multiple Chatter Groups – Parsing Multi-Select Picklist fields (Flow)

37) Parsing Dynamic choice Multi-Select Picklist fields (Flow) – Reusable component

38) Embed a Flow in a publisher action

39) Out of Office notification for Chatter post

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