Learning Apex

Learning Apex

The Road Less Travelled
welcome to my unconventional approach to teaching Apex

Thank you for visiting the Apex section of my Automation Champion blog. Learning Apex is a natural progression from the world of clicks – Process Builder, Visual Workflow, and Pardot!

Many sites teach how to go about writing Apex codes. Few, if any, guide a learner on how to methodically think through the underlying logic of how to write Apex code succinctly and artistically. The key here is thinklearn to think like a programmer first, and then, write code effortlessly.

The path of ‘mastering’ the motions of writing codes is replete with dejected coders – some started to doubt their ability to be a coder, and others just gave up coding altogether.

Let your fate be different than the dejected coders – opt for a better option. Once you master the art of learning how to develop underlying logic, actual coding will be a cinch.

So, welcome to the world of learning Apex unconventionally!

We will start by learning how to think like a programmer. Once you build proficiency in thinking like a programmer, you will be able to apply your skills to solve intricate pain points painlessly!

Nothing is impossible the word itself encompasses ‘I’m possible’! So, enjoy the journey with me!

Your Mentor,
Rakesh Gupta

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