11 thoughts on “Restricting Login Flows to Execute Only Once!

  1. Thank you for your post, Rakesh, very helpful!

    Would it be too much asking to document the following? doing many announcements and keeping track of them. Something like creating an object related to the user record and for every announcement the user sees and acknowledges in the login flow process it will create a record in that object to store the name of the announcement, date, user etc. This would enable us to report on it per user, announcement etc.
    Bonus: displaying images on the announcements.


  2. Hi Rakesh,

    Once page load with agreement screen it automatically re-directed to logout page without selecting checkbox options.

    Any Idea on this ?

  3. @Rakesh Thanks For the Article. Just want to check with you whether its possible when user is login second time after signing the agreement, the system is showing a screen(Your flow is finish) before going to home screen. Can we avoid that, like if the user is signed the agreement it shouldn’t show such screen?

  4. @Rakesh Thanks. I was able to replicate the steps and it works like a charm. However the target=”_blank” attribute is not working.When one clicks on the href link, it opens same Salesforce page. Is your href behaving correctly?

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