Learning Process Builder

Learning Process Builder

This series will help you understand the Lightning Process Builder in-depth. The Lightning Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process as you build it. One can use the Process Builder to set up complex Workflow (Using click, not code) in Salesforce which otherwise required Apex. I have categorized the articles based on Process Builder actions. 

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Converted in Flow

1) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 16 (Creating Custom Record Sharing Logic) Converted into Flow

2) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 29 (Auto Remove Followers from Questions with best replies) Converted into Flow

3) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 49 (Running Leads Assignment Rules From Process Builder) Converted into Flow

No Plan to Convert into Flow

1) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 72 (Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria)

2) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 40 (Adding a line break in Process Builder formula)

Launch a Flow

1) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 48 (Conditionally make a field read-only or editable)

2) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 90 (Skyrocket Your Productivity by Leveraging the Power of Chatter Automation!)

General Topics

1) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 73 (Streamline Your Process by Reordering Criteria Nodes!)

2) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 75 (Accessing Encrypted Data in Process Builder)

3) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 85 (Leveraging Versatility of Rule Criteria – a Deeper Dive!)

4) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 86 (What? Create a Process with No Action? Really?)

5) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 87 (Untangling the Perplexing Filter Logic of ‘Updating Records Action’!)

6) Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 89 (Time-based Action for Anytime Record is Created or Edited)


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56 thoughts on “Learning Process Builder

  1. Hi Rakesh,

    I really found your blog very much helpful and it’s an awesome for a person like me who is learning a lot through your immense knowledge which you are sharing through your posts.

    I’ve an requirement to automatically add members of case to “Case team Member” related list. Like I’ve 3 fields on case object which is in lookup relationship with user, fields name are “Case Owner”, “Case Team Investigator”, Case Handler”.Also with same name Case Team Member role has been created.

    Whenever as case is created by filling up those above 3 fields, those user’s should get automatically added to the case team member related list with role populated for each one like handler, investigator and owner.

    Can you please help me out how to do this?? Actually I’ve achieved this half way using flow and Process builder, the users are getting added on the case team member related list, but not with same role like the fields I’ve created. Can you please help me out in this.


  2. Hello Rakesh,

    I am creating a Task Record from Process Builder on creation of Account. So I need to insert Accounts Project Record Id link in the description and subject field along with a text.
    I am using URLFOR and LINKTO functions but it doesnt work. Pleas suggest
    Formula Code:
    URLFOR([Account].Project__c.Name, [Account].Project__c.Id) + ” Project Id”

  3. Hi Rakesh,
    Fantastic posts!!

    I want to auto update the owner field ( custom field with lookup to user) with created by field value when record is created for a custom object. ( Means pull the value from created by field to update owner field.) How to do it with process builder or flow?

    1. Use process builder with Flow to solve it.

      1. Use Process Builder to kick off the Flow (pass record ID)
      2. Use Flow to get the created by ID
      3. Update custom Lookup field

  4. Hi Rakesh, this is Narendra. I am facing problem in Part 55 of the Process Builder. I am implementing this process step by step same as you shown, but when i am going to add action to Process builder not getting Flow name. Could you please tell me how to resolve this issue.

  5. We are using Pardot to do marketing. We have a process for Pardot to synch with SFDC and create Lead records. We also have several custom fields on the Lead object that store “quote” values. Depending on how the customer comes to the Pardot application, the quote fields may or may not be populated. If the quote fields are populated when the Lead record gets created or updated from a Pardot synch, I want to immediately convert the lead to a Contact, Account and Opportunity.
    My use cases are as follows:
    1. If it is a Lead in SFDC and quote form field(s) are updated and populated after submission, then convert lead to contact and to opportunity
    2. If it is a Contact in SFDC and quote form field(s) are updated and populated after submission, then create opportunity and set the quote fields to null. (I have this built in PB and is kicked off via a custom button, next step is to have it kickoff automatically).
    After reviewing your website, I am thinking of going through all of the tutorials to see how much of this I can build after going through them.
    My question is… What order should I follow? Should I do them as presented on the website, or should I follow Part 1, Part 2, Part 3… etc. and then finally Part 53.

    Thanks again for a wonderful site.

  6. Hello Rakesh

    Great Site

    Are there any workarounds to use some Scenarios in the Flow Section with Editions without

    the Flow Component. ?

    regards john

  7. A very good website to learn process builder. I have set up some processes in my process builder. It executes Process 1-4. But, the process 5 is not fired up at all in spite of entry conditions met for Process 5.

    What is the best way to debug processes? I checked the debug logs and there are no logs created for any of the processes. Will it help if I place some System.Debug statements in the Apex classes that are called by Processes 1-5?

    Appreciate your comments and suggestions

    1. Thanks for your feedback 🙂
      As per my understanding Debug Log is the best way to debug processes.

      P.S. :- For Process 5, select “Recursion – Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction” option.

  8. Rakesh great work. my only question is I have a Validation rule on the Opportunity Object and the Process Builder as well. Validation rule seems to work perfectly BUT it does not show the error of validation rule. It shows the error of Process Builder.

  9. I love your online instructions. Am also interested in purchasing your book “Learning Saleforce Visual Workflow.” I am curious… because Process Builder is a new-ish tool, how much of the book explains this new tool as opposed to older methods of implementing business apps/workflows? I am new to Salesforce and would like to learn using the most up-to-date methods and tools.

      1. is there a way to force to fill out Contact Role to fill out when they change the opportunity stage to the certain level such as when the probability change to 70%

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