6 thoughts on “Auto Create a Case From Keyword Used in Chatter

  1. Thanks for this very helpful walk-through. I have a use-case where I’m performing some logic on Case in Process Builder and before the process goes through several decision nodes, I want it to check whether the case Origin is one of several origins stored in custom metadata. If the output of that check is TRUE, then the process should proceed through the decision nodes. I think this is not possible however as it does not appear that Visual Workflow supports passing output variables back to Process Builder. Any alternative ideas for handling this use-case without code?

    1. You are right, it is not possible to pass the output variables back to Process Builder. How about implementing your logic in the Visual Workflow, after Decision element.

  2. Would that not be hardcoding.

    I created one more Custom field

    1. Keyword
    2.Service Keyword

    FeedTags are:

    1. Label=Sales, Keyword= Sales; Service Keyword= Null
    2. Label=Service, Keyword= Null; Service Keyword= Service

    Now I am using it in Flow Decision LookForFeeds, I created two separate outcomes –> which will have different case creation.

    Still no case are getting created

    1. As I said earlier you do not need Flow or anything else except Process Builder. As you are using Custom Metadata Types, you do not need to hardcore any thing.

  3. Can we create different types of cases using different keywords using same process.

    For example:

    1. Keyword Sales : Create Case of Type Sales
    2.Keyword Support: Create Case of Type Support

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