13 thoughts on “Map Lead Source to Account Source During Lead Conversion

  1. Which related record should be used when the Salesforce Org has PersonAccounts activated? Lead.Converted Account Id or Lead. Converted Contact Id

  2. This is a great article and was very easy to implement however I’m having a problem where the account source updates when a new lead is converted and attached to an existing account. I do not want the account source to update after it’s been set. How can I do this?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Shayna!

      In your case, Try to add something like Account.CreatedDate=Lead.ConveretdDate, in record update filter.

      Last option is to move the record update and filter part in Flow.

      1. Can you please send the screen shot of where to add Account.create date=lead.converted date
        After trying so much solutions only this solution worked for me but I dont want to change the account source value when I convert lead under the existing account.


        1. Thank you very much Vipula for bringing this oversight to my attention.

          To better manage it, I will suggest, use Flow to account record update

          –> Create three Text variables LeadID, ConvertedAccountID and LeadSource
          –> Now use Record Update lement to update Account Source field, as shown in the following screenshot

          –> At the end,your Flow should look like the folloiwng screenshot

          –> Use Flows action to trigger from the Process builder, as shown in the following screenshot

    2. Hi Shanaya
      Can you please share the screenshot of your solution. I having the same problem where the account source updates when a new lead is converted and attached to an existing account.

  3. Dear Rakesh Gupta,

    I just start to work with process builder. Currently I am trying to map lead source to account source when converting. Note: Pick-list has 10 Values. 

    I have been using your article as a great help. By following the instructions in the article the process works with one value, but when trying to have several values from the pick-list its states that it will only take one of the selected values. 

    I have tested all the possible options without luck. E.g. when adding criteria selecting choosing Any of the conditions are met (OR). Any suggestions please! 

  4. When it’s time to select a record related to the lead, the Account object and it’s fields are not available to me. How did you get access to the Account fields?

  5. Worth noting that Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Lead Settings -> “Require Validation for Converted Leads” MUST be checked for process builder related items to fire during conversion. Appears that this is not checked by default.

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