Splitting Credit across Your Sales Team

Splitting Credit across Your Sales Team

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 by Rakesh Gupta

Opportunity splitting help you to share sales credit across an opportunity team.  If your sales process includes multiple team members that should receive some portion of credit for a closed-won sale/deal, then you can use this feature.

Business Use Case

In Universal container normally single opportunity, get split and credit between two salespeople. They collaborated on the deal to close-won, so if it is worth $300,000, each would get $150,000 and if they took help from Sales engineer to close deal faster than in this case sales engineer will get some % of credit that  is Overlay split.

Different Types of Opportunity Splits

There are two different types of opportunity splits. They are:

  1. Revenue Splits:- This must equal 100% of the opportunity amount. Revenue splits allow you to allocate credit to sales reps who are directly involved in an opportunity and responsible for its revenue.
  2. Overlay Splits:– It allows you to allocate credit to team members who are somewhat involved in the opportunity but not directly responsible for the revenue generated from that opportunity. Overlay splits. Unlike revenue splits, overlay splits are not limited by the opportunity amount. This can be any percentage of the actual opportunity total up to and even exceeding 100%.

Step to Enable Opportunity Splits

Enabling opportunity splits is two steps process, as mentioned below.  

  1. Enable team selling
  2. Enable opportunity splits

Enable Opportunity Team

To enable the Opportunity Team perform the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Feature Settings | Sales | Opportunities | Opportunity Team Settings.
  2. Select  Enable Team Selling in your Salesforce org.
  3. Add Opportunity Team Members related list to respective page layouts.
  4. Click Save.

Enable Opportunity Splits

To enable the Opportunity Splits perform the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Feature Settings | Sales | Opportunities | Opportunity Splits Settings.
  2. Select Set up Opportunity Splits button to get started.
  3. Now Select Type of Split you want to enable for your organization, doing so presents you with a few options and one big yellow box. These boxes and warnings like this usually are important. Make sure you read this before proceeding. You can take help from below Screenshot:
  4. Click on Save and it will redirect you to next page where you can Add Opportunity Splits related list to Opportunity page layout.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Once it’s enable you will get an email from Salesforce.com, something like below screen shot

Proof of Concept

To test this feature follow the below instructions

  1. Add Opportunity Team Members
    1. Go to Opportunity record detail page, Navigate to Opportunity Team related list and click on to Add Opportunity Team Member button to add a new member to Opportunity team.
    2. Add Opportunity Team members (as per your requirement), Assign role and Grant access on opportunity as shown in below screenshot
    3. Note: – Once your team is set up, you can edit the existing split that automatically attributed all of the revenue to the Opportunity Owner.
  2. Edit Opportunity splits
    1. Navigate to Opportunity Splits related list available on Opportunity detail page and click on Edit Opportunity Splits button.
    2. Now you can Add Each Opportunity Team Members on the left and enter the appropriate percent. The Amount will automatically calculate for you based on the opportunity amount. Similar to the following screenshot:
    3. Click Save.

Points to Remember

  1. The opportunity owner is included on each opportunity team, and since the Opportunity Owner role is essential for splits,you cannot remove it.
  2.  Newly created opportunity split records include a default opportunity team member for the owner, who receives 100% of revenue splits until you have defined otherwise.
  3. You can’t remove a team member assigned to a split from an opportunity.
  4. You can split Opportunity revenue (Revenue Split) among Opportunity team member those are already Added to that Opportunity.

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