Mason Frank Salesforce Salary Survey 2020/21 – Key Findings

This year has been an unusual and testing one—the impact of the global pandemic has been felt far and wide, and the Salesforce ecosystem is no exception. The unprecedented circumstances we’ve faced in 2020 have promoted a lot of change and thrown up many challenges, but, as always, the software

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Dynamic Actions – Taking User Experience to the Next Level in Lightning Experience, indeed!!

One of the key features I like from the Winter’21 release is the Dynamic Actions for custom objects. Since the release, it is generally available (GA) for desktop and is Beta for mobile. Furthermore, now, the actions are also supported for standard objects (Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity) – please note that this

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Preamble to the World of Click and Code with Lightning Flow – Excercise​ 3

I was skeptical at first; but, it was an eye opener – what a difference a teaching style makes! One of my mentees has been imploring me to guide her towards Salesforce mastery by assigning use cases. Within a few weeks, she has gained the level of confidence on the

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