12 thoughts on “Auto Add Account Team Members to Case Team

  1. This is a helpful article for learning how to use flow + existing standard objects to open up sharing access, but why would you not just enable AccountTeams and set CaseAccessLevel = “Read”? My understanding is that AccountTeamMembers automatically get access to Cases associated with their Account. Why do we need to add them as Case Team Members too?

  2. Hi Rakesh,

    I can’t find the value in step 9(assignment element)
    Row 2:
    Field: {!varR_CaseTeamMember.TeamRoleId}
    Operator: Equals
    Value: {!Get_CaseTeamRole.Id}.

    Where do I get this value from?


  3. Thanks for the Quick reply, But I am not able to find MemberId, TeamRoleId in that, Is the fields that you mentioned before Step1, need to be created customly in the system? Can you please guide me as per the updated flow version.

  4. Hello Rakesh,

    Thank you for this! I am stuck on step 7. I don’t see what to put in the variables of the three you noted (my Account Team role is called ClientServiceDirector). How are you populating these variables?

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