Recipes for Automating Chatter Group Management

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How to use record-triggered flow to automate common chatter group management works to improve productivity?  Objectives: Chatter Group is one of the great ways to boost collaboration in your organization. A Chatter group represents a group of users – one can add unlimited members to

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Set Your Productivity on Steroids by Creating Subflows

Salesforce Flow is one of the most used declarative tools to automate business processes in Salesforce. Most of us usually create a new flow for each requirement. That not only is not a best practice, but, in the long run, it is a highly unproductive and unsustainable approach to managing

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Ever Needed to Select Multiple Picklist Values in Flow? How About via a Single Condition?!

Salesforce Flow is one of the most powerful tools provided by Salesforce to implement business requirements declaratively. Till date, I have written 200+ flows just for my blog posts! Salesforce Flow helps businesses to save time, as well as money, by implementing solutions quickly. Implementation of Salesforce Flow is straightforward

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