Getting Started with Salesforce Flow – Part 44 (Auto Convert Marketing Qualified Leads)

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How do you set automation to auto-convert marketing qualified leads?  When there is a chance of further negotiations with a lead, it can be converted into an account, contact, optionally an opportunity. In short, once the lead status has reached a certain stage, it can

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Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 82 (Recipes for Automating Chatter Group Management)

Chatter Group is one of the great ways to boost collaboration in your organization. A Chatter group represents a group of users – one can add unlimited members to a Chatter Group, but a user can join a maximum of 100 Groups.  Below are few tasks, related to Chatter group

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Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 79 (Auto Remove Managed Package License from a Deactivated User!)

Process Builder in Salesforce is a fantastic way to automate various business processes. It allows you to create a process based on certain criteria that you set. Process Builder can do many things – Create a record, Update records, Post to Chatter, Send an email, etc. A few years back –

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