Scratch Orgs for Salesforce Admin

With the rising adoption of Salesforce DevOps, scratch orgs are suddenly in the spotlight. This blog will explain what scratch orgs are, why they’re useful, and how you can easily create one using clicks, not code. What Is a Scratch Org? A scratch org is a temporary, disposable environment in

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Easier and More Scalable Salesforce Integration with Declarative Webhooks

What is a Webhook? Whenever two separate systems are connected, they can communicate with each other through the internet by sending and receiving messages. One of the systems can be the receiving system and the other the sending system, but sometimes they can switch roles depending on the integration. The

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Barcode Scanner for Screen Flow Using the BarcodeScanner API

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How to scan and process a barcode from Screen Flow? Objectives: After reading this blog, you’ll be able to: Use BarcodeScanner API in Lightning Web Component Create a Lightning Web Component for Screen flow Add custom property editor for a screen component Add a Lightning

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