Restrict Users on Switching from Lightning Experience to Classic

Lightning Experience is a new, fast, modern user interface experience from Salesforce. Lightning Experience comprises numerous new features and completely redesigned pages. Salesforce allows customers to switch back and forth from Lightning to Classic or vice-versa using Switcher, as shown in the following screenshot. Learn more about enabling Lightning Experience for

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Set Your Productivity on Steroids by Creating Subflows

Salesforce Flow is one of the most used declarative tools to automate business processes in Salesforce. Most of us usually create a new flow for each requirement. That not only is not a best practice, but, in the long run, it is a highly unproductive and unsustainable approach to managing

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@Mention a Related User In a Post to Chatter Action

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How do you @mentioned related users in a Post to Chatter Salesforce Flow action?  Objectives: After reading this blog, you’ll be able to:  Use the post to chatter action in the record-triggered flow Use Get element to avoid hard coding of Id Use the decision

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