Automatically Add New User to Public Group or Queue

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How do you automatically add new users to a Public Group or Queue? Objectives: This blog post will help us to understand the following Create automation associated with creating a new user Automatically add a user to a specified Public Group or Queue with Flow

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Delete Complete Chatter Conversation Using Salesforce Flow

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How can users be allowed to delete Chatter conversation? This is a continuation of my previous article Delete Chatter Messages Using Salesforce Flow, In that I had discussed a way which allows your users to delete Chatter messages. This article goes a step ahead and

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Auto Add Opportunity Team Member to Opportunity Follower

Big Idea or Enduring Question: How can you automatically add Opportunity Team Members to a follower on an Opportunity? Objectives: After reading this blog, you’ll be able to:  Work with get records element to find the record Use decision element to check record values Use create records element to automatically

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