Scratch Orgs for Salesforce Admin

Scratch Orgs for Salesforce Admin

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

With the rising adoption of Salesforce DevOps, scratch orgs are suddenly in the spotlight. This blog will explain what scratch orgs are, why they’re useful, and how you can easily create one using clicks, not code.

What Is a Scratch Org?

A scratch org is a temporary, disposable environment in Salesforce that lasts for up to 30 days. Because it’s short-term, you can use it for small builds in projects you’re running on an agile methodology.

Reference: Salesforce Help Document

A scratch org comes without any metadata or data, so you have to define its shape when you create it. That might sound daunting, but it means you can configure a scratch org entirely the way you want to.

In addition to adding the data and metadata you want, you can emulate different Salesforce editions with their individual features and preferences. This is very helpful when you want to know how a new build will perform in a specific type of production environment—one that’s not necessarily the same as the one you’re currently using. Because of this, they’re more interesting than Developer sandboxes for certain tasks. 

Why Are Scratch Orgs Useful?

Now you know what a scratch org is, the next question is: Why do I need one?

If you’re adopting a DevOps methodology—for example, if you’re using DevOps Center—it’s best practice to provide everyone on the team with their own environment. 

Reference: Salesforce Help Document

When everyone has their own development environment, they don’t get in each other’s way or overwrite each other’s work. After you’ve completed your work in your org, you can test it, and, once it’s approved, promote it to integration. And you don’t have to worry about keeping the scratch org up to date with production, because it will simply disappear when it reaches its time limits.

You can also create different scratch orgs for different projects to keep things organized and help your team move even faster. 

Create a Scratch Org With Clicks, Not Code

Most admins typically haven’t used scratch orgs because they could only be created with Salesforce DX. Fortunately, Prodly’s new 1-click scratch org feature has made them super accessible to all “clicks, not code” Salesforce professionals.

You can now quickly and easily create your own scratch org in Prodly DevOps. All you have to do is give it a name, then add your username, the source, and the duration of the org—which can be either seven or 30 days. 

Next, simply select the packages, metadata, and data you want to install; click “Create Scratch Org;” and Prodly DevOps creates the scratch org for you—exactly the way you want it to look! 

Check out this short video to see it for yourself:

The Prodly DevOps 1-click scratch org feature is truly “clicks, not code” at its best, enabling you to spin up scratch orgs that look exactly the way you want them to in just minutes. 

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