Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Spring’23 Release!

Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Spring’23 Release!

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

With each release, Salesforce is adding many new functionalities to Lightning Experience, which makes you more productive and helps you to provide a better customer experience. 

Currently, the Spring’23 release is under the pre-release program. If you have not read the entire 570 pages of Salesforce Spring’23 release notes, check out the Spring’23 release quick summary written by me.

I combed through the release notes and highlighted the most exciting, interesting, and useful Lightning Experience features. Since Lightning Experience is getting faster and better with every release, it was a challenge to stop at just ten! To kick things off, here is my take on the coolest Lightning features from the Spring’23 release. 

  1. Configure Searchable Fields for Each User Profile (Beta):- Help your team get results related to their work by configuring all your searchable fields for each user profile. In Search Manager, you can now edit the fields to make them searchable or not searchable for each user profile.
    1. From Search Manager in Setup, create a configuration setting and edit the fields to make them searchable or not searchable for each user profile.
  2. Create Personalized Report Filters:- Set up a single dynamic report filter that displays personalized results for each user. For example, create an opportunity report for your sales team with a single Opportunity Owner filter that personalizes the results for each member of the team.
    1. Select the relative value option when setting up a filter on a user field, such as Opportunity Owner or Created By. The filter value changes to the currently signed-in user.
  3. Propose Future Meeting Times Easily in Outlook and Gmail Integrations: – When reps send an email to a customer, they can quickly add three upcoming meeting times as a suggestion. Salesforce insert the first available meeting for each of the next three business days, including the current business day.
    1. Scheduling meetings has gotten even easier. When reps send an email to a customer, they can include a link to their Outlook or Gmail calendar so that the customer can choose their own meeting time. Previously, reps could only insert available times for their customers to choose from.
    2. Start composing an email in the Outlook or Gmail integration. In the Salesforce pane, click Scheduling Link to insert a link in an email.
  4. Pin Important Content on the Right Side of Record Pages: – Use the new Pinned Right Sidebar (3 regions) template to create record pages in which you can show important information, such as customer details and chats, on the right side of their pages. Your users, such as customer service representatives, can then verify customer identity over various channels, such as web chat, and access customer chats from one place and avoid switching between subtabs or pages.
  5. See More Records in Dynamic Related Lists: With the Dynamic Related List – Single component, admins define and filter related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder. Like other related lists, dynamic related lists now include a View All link so that users can see a full list of related records. In the full related list, users can also add quick filters and see the filters that their admin applied. Previously, users saw only up to 30 records in a dynamic related list on the record detail page.
  6. Sync Agent Presence Statuses Automatically for Each Contact Center: – Let your contact centers automatically sync agents’ Omni-Channel presence statuses to indicate their availability to receive work. Reduce human error by selecting the Presence Status Sync button on your contact centers to detect and restore out-of-sync statuses. If your contact center supports custom mappings between presence status and your telephony provider, don’t select this button or your custom mappings won’t work.
  7. Notify Agents About New Work Using Alerts: – Show agents that a new Omni-Channel work item is waiting when they’re away from the Service Console. A browser alert appears so agents don’t miss important work such as a customer call or chat when they’re not looking at the Service Console. When agents click the alert, the Service Console opens so they can accept or decline the work item.
    1. For agents to see notifications, turn on settings for notifications in the operating system and browser application. Then in the Omni-Channel utility, agents must click the Settings icon and turn on Show new work notifications in the browser. Previously, settings appeared in the Omni-Channel utility only if agents were assigned to Voice channels. Now all agents can adjust settings related to Omni-Channel including notifications in one place.
  8. Monitor Contact Center Health in the Omni-Channel Wallboard (Pilot):- Give your supervisors insight into how well your contact center is managing the support workload. The wallboard shows key metrics to supervisors for the queues that they oversee.
    1. In Omni Supervisor, your supervisors open the Wallboard tab. Wallboard charts show agent work statuses and handle times for the last hour. In addition, supervisors see metrics about current work item status, agent capacity status, and maximum wait times. The wallboard’s metrics reflect work items in Omni-Channel queues and not those items that are routed using skills-based routing.
  9. Receive Inbound Files with an Enhanced Bot:- Enhanced bots can now receive files from your customers, so you can reduce agent handle time by collecting files before an agent joins the conversation. For example, a bot can request documentation related to an insurance or a reimbursement claim. Or a bot can prompt a customer for additional information about a possible issue, such as a screenshot of an error message. An agent can then review the files, which are attached to the messaging session and stored in the Files page of Setup.
    1. In the Bot Builder, on the Dialogs page, drag the File dialog step onto the canvas. In the Step Properties panel, in the File Interaction field, select Receive File. Then enter a message to the customer, specify a variable to save the file reference, and enter file upload success and optional failure messages.
  10. Get the Play-by-Play with Field History Tracking for Activities:- See a list of changes to events and tasks when you turn on field history tracking. Track up to six fields so that sales reps can see what’s changed in the Related tab for events and tasks.
    1.  Add the Activity Record History component to your custom event and task lightning pages.

Additional Enhancements are Worth Noting!

  1. Salesforce for Outlook Is Retiring in June 2024: – Full product retirement for Salesforce for Outlook is scheduled for June 2024. For the latest integration with Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce recommend moving to the next-generation products, the Outlook integration and Einstein Activity Capture.
  2. Take Advantage of Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects (Generally Available): – Add even more flexibility and control to actions on your record pages with dynamic actions for all standard objects, now generally available for desktop. Previously, dynamic actions were generally available only for Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity for desktop. Dynamic actions for custom objects are also generally available for desktop and mobile. Assign actions in the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout, and apply filters to control when and where actions appear for users.
  3. Build Your Own Forecasts Pages in Lightning App Builder: – Customize desktop forecast pages to include all the information sales leaders require to drive accurate forecasts that support your unique business.

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