5 thoughts on “Auto Unfollow Records Based on Criteria

  1. Hi Rakesh! I just finished up creating auto follow and auto unfollow objects per this design (using for a custom project management object instead of opps so our boss auto follows everything and then is removed once the status is closed!). Waiting to see if the time based flows work, they are in the queue so hopefully my flows are right 🙂 Thanks so much for these detailed instructions, they were easy to follow!!

      1. Rakesh – I might have messed something up with the loop or workflow? Everything worked great yesterday, the auto follow was confirmed and the auto unfollow was completed, but now it seems that it keeps looking for more record to unfollow and there are none… do you know what I did wrong? Thanks!!


        Encountered unhandled fault when running process AutoUnfollowProjects/301110000004LRL exception by user/organization: 00D110000007sqT/{4} Source organization: 00D6000000072fJ (null) DELETE — There is nothing in Salesforce matching your delete criteria

        caused by element : FlowRecordDelete.Delete_all_records

        caused by: DELETE — There is nothing in Salesforce matching your delete criteria

        Salesforce Error ID: 1611219639-38560 (-1205603607)

        1. Thanks Melissa. Do one thing before Fast delete add one decision element and check if Sobject collection {!Del} not equal to null then only perform the deletion operation else skip it.

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