Gain Control on Your Salesforce Org – The Smart Way to Lead Changes in Salesforce

Gain Control on Your Salesforce Org – The Smart Way to Lead Changes in Salesforce

Last Updated on July 7, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

The Complexity Dilemma

Salesforce teams are faced with daily requests from management and business teams, that often come with aggressive delivery times. This reality inevitably leads to a classic dilemma – Should they create longer processes and utilize more resources to ensure the Salesforce Org stays healthy and stable? Or should they implement changes quickly to meet the business teams requirements?

Sounds familiar?

As your businesses grows, and the Salesforce Org increases in size and complexity this dilemma becomes even more critical. Over time, you may realize that multiple changes, legacy implementations and hotfixes have filled your Salesforce org with many unused and unassigned components, workarounds, duplications, technical bugs and incomplete documentation. Some call it ‘spaghetti code’ – when every change unexpectedly breaks something, and each release is destined to meet last minute workarounds and fixes.

It may feel like losing control of the system.

It is time to rethink change. 

One of the main challenges of Salesforce changes is finding the right balance between speed and quality.

It would have been so much easier if you had an X-ray vision to help you see how everything in your Salesforce Org connects, allowing you to foresee the impact of changes, scope projects, and manage your implementation, development and testing needs.

This X-ray vision is already here. It is called Panaya ForeSight!

With Panaya ForeSight you get the best of both worlds: speed and quality. Panaya ForeSight maps the dependencies and complexity within your Org so you can understand in advance, exactly how and what will be impacted by any change you are planning.

You can pinpoint high-risk areas and avoid the complexity and errors that may come as a surprise, causing delays and unnecessary backtracking.

Transforming Guesswork into Foresight

Foresight’s Discovery Chrome Extension enables you to quickly analyze your Salesforce Org’s components from any Salesforce page, with just a click of a button!

Just click on the component you are about to change and instantly get a clear view of the potential direct and indirect impact on related components, such as: Apex classes, Process Builders, Flows, Fields and more. With this knowledge in your hands, you can easily decide what should be built from scratch, updated or deleted.

Just think about implementing a new business process, this may require revising employee permissions, adding stages to the sales cycle etc. It may also involve changes to existing workflows or processes.

Panaya ForeSight helps you move away from calculated guesswork to data-driven decision making when you implement the requested change to the sales process. It saves you hours of manual investigation efforts and eliminates errors earlier on during the planning stage, and not during the deployment stage.

The Benefits of Managing Changes the Smart Way

The success of every Salesforce change is measured in three main aspects:

  • Technical Implementation – a seamless deployment with no bugs
  • Users Satisfaction – meeting the business needs, timelines, and deliverables
  • Positive ROI – reducing costs, saving time, increasing revenues, or improving efficiency

To successfully achieve these outcomes, you must deploy changes the smart way, identify and define exactly what needs to be done and understand the potential impact of every change on business-critical processes. This will empower your business to move forward without having to take any steps backward. As change becomes a natural part of your business, your organization will evolve, expand and develop faster, more efficiently, and with much better results.

👉 Check out Panaya’s Tips for Mastering Changes in Salesforce to make changes in Salesforce – the right way, then test drive the power of impact analysis with a free Panaya ForeSight trial.

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