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Announcement is very important to Spread news across your organization, and Chatter is an awesome feature in Salesforce to do that. After Spring’14 release you will be able to post announcements in Chatter Groups . Post group announcements is to highlight important messages on the group page.

Enable Post Announcements in Chatter Groups for your organization

This feature available in Developer, Performance, Enterprise, Professional, Contact Manager, Group and Unlimited editions. To enable repeating tasks, add  both the  fields to a task page layout.To configure it follow the below steps
1) Click on Name | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Chatter | Groups | Group layouts.
2) From the palette click on “Action
3) Drag and drop “Announcement” action to the group layout.

Add Announcement action
Add Announcement action

Note:- Group owners, Group managers, and Users with the “Modify All Data” permission can post and delete group announcements.

Now it’s time to test it

1) Go to any Chatter group’s detail page and click on “Announcement” publisher action.
2) Type the “Message” that you want to share with Chatter group members and select “Expiration date“.

Announcement in Chatter Group
Announcement in Chatter Group

3) Click on Save.
4) The “Group Announcement” displays in a yellow highlighted area below the group photo and as a post in the group feed.

Chatter Group Announcement
Chatter Group Announcement

Note:- Group announcements display until 11:59 p.m. on the selected expiration date, unless they’re replaced by a new group announcement. Users can discuss, like, and post comments on announcements in the group feed. Group members receive an email notification when you post an announcement, same as for other posts, depending on their selected group email notification frequency. Deleting the feed post deletes the announcement.

5 thoughts on “Post Announcements in Chatter Groups

    1. Yes, it is possible to post birthday messages to a Chatter group. Before that, you have to save Date of Birth in a field. Then use a formula field to calculate birthday in the current year, and then use Process builder with time-based actions.

  1. After expiry, the announcement is deleted? So, I cannot view the comments made on the announcement after the announcement expires?

    Where do I see the expired announcements? Please let me know. Thanks

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