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  1. Hi Rakesh, have you any idea what the new dimensions are for the Winter ’16 release for the right hand URL picture are? It’s much bigger now, but i can’t find the new dimensions in the release notes.

      1. I have just done this for a client and it appears there are no constraints on the image for the right side in the post Winter 16 release. I uploaded an image over 1000px wide expecting it to scale to fit the available space and resize dynamically depending on screen size. Sadly it does not. I have resorted to creating an image file of 1000px x 1500 px and arranged the picture in the top left of the image (size 900 x 750 px). The remainder of the image file is the same colour as the left panel background. On the majority of screens, only the image is visible (or a portion of it). For very large screens, a border can be seen at the right and bottom of the image which is the same colour as the left panel so as not to look poor.

  2. Hi Rakesh,

    Can you please elaborate how to get image on the right side of the page.
    I tried my best to get it but couldn’t succeed.
    Which URL i need to insert in the Right Frame URL section.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Good question. To get image on the right side you can try below options
      1) Upload Image on Chatter file, Now go to file sharing settings >> Share via link, so you will get a link and you can use the same link on right frame url.(https://cs5.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#O0000004xLCQ/a/O00000004Cs3/rm8fJxqV5j.6VkwR0CcqvQdWs4N1z.A0cv3zFhK1AZM=)
      2) upload image on some unauthenticated site and use in right frame url.
      3) http://www.screencast.com/ you can upload your image on this site and use.

  3. Hi, I am having difficulty with the right side frame image. I am trying to reference my company website & not working the size is the issue.How do I get about finding the the recommended size component on my company website. OR how do I reference something ,similar to yours.

    Highly appreciate all your help!

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