Importance of Opportunity Contact Role in Salesforce

Importance of Opportunity Contact Role in Salesforce

Last Updated on October 17, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

Opportunity Contact Role represents the role of Contact/Person account on an Opportunity. There is many-to-many relationship between Opportunity and Contact, through a junction object called OpportunityContactRole. In an opportunity, you may add many opportunity contact roles.

There is no restriction on Account from which the Contact can come, you can add any Contact from any Account.

For example, Rakesh Gupta might be the Executive sponsor for the opportunity “Universal Container”, and Edna Frank  might be the Quality Control for same Opportunity.

How to define Contact Role?

According to your business requirement, you can modify contact role for Opportunity.

To define contact role for Opportunity navigate to Setup | Feature Settings | Sales | Team Roles 

If you want to add new role click on New Button, for reorder or make some value default click on Reorder button and save it.

Contact Role fields?

Below is the list of contact role standard fields, which Salesforce does not allow us to add any new custom field on Opportunity Contact Role.

Contact Role Standard Fields
Contact Role Standard Fields

How to add contacts as a Contact Role inside Any Opportunity?

  1. First, identify the Opportunity in which you want to add Contact Role
  2. Then navigate to Contact Role related list click on Add Contact Roles button.
  3. Select a Contact and click on the Next button.
  4. In the end select a Role. You can make any contact as primary.
  5. Once you’re done, click on the Save button.
  6. You can add the same contact as many times in Contact role for same opportunity.

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  1. I like the valuable information you supply for Salesforce through your articles.
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    Good luck for the next!

      1. I need to dynamically Add Contact with a button if not present in LOOKUP at the the time of adding records. That means on the edit page.
        What I thinking is to have custom object related list which will be exact replica of Contact Role and saving it in a standard OpportunityContactRole, so that it won’t impact a general behaviour.
        Please let me know if you have some code for this.

  2. I have a trigger on the opportunity that counts the number of contact roles. When a new contact role is added, the trigger doesn’t fire until the associated opportunity is edited. Anyway to automatically fire the opportunity trigger when a new contact role is added?

  3. I can accept that they don’t want us messing with the Contact Role object. But I want to write a validation rule on the Opportunity object if the number of Contact Roles is zero. Is there a way to access that number?

  4. Rakesh, nice blog.
    Reading the user requirement “user wanted to update Name of all Tasks with “Primary Contact role“ related to an opportunity when contact role is updated as primary”, assume this include to create new Task related to Opportunity and Contact and assign to Opportunity owner?

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