Salesforce Velocity with Sweep: A New Operational State of Mind

Salesforce Velocity with Sweep: A New Operational State of Mind

Last Updated on October 25, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform for a reason: it’s constantly evolving and innovating, driving massive growth in the ecosystem.

The Salesforce ecosystem for services and products has grown significantly in recent years. In 2021, IDC released a study that found that the Salesforce economy would create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026. The study also found that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem, which will make $6.19 for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2026.

Salesforce- enabler or blocker?

And yet, companies of all stages struggle to make their Salesforce evolve at the speed of their business. Early-stage companies take months to build, configure, and launch v1 of their Salesforce instance. More mature companies suffer from not understanding what has been built in their environment over time. This results in too much time required for routine maintenance.

Velocity grinds to a halt because seemingly simple changes risk breaking what is currently working. The result of all this is strategic initiatives being blocked, Salesforce teams becoming reactive instead of business catalysts, and loss of vital speed and agility in the overall go-to-market approach.

What is Salesforce velocity?

Imagine a world where everything in your Salesforce functions correctly, from daily usage of the team to decision-making and strategy planning by the leadership. Where admins are not only technical executors, but real business partners. Where users are not hacking workarounds to sidestep processes that don’t behave as expected.

That’s Salesforce velocity. A state of operational excellence that is now more accessible than ever with Sweep- A product that helps companies achieve this excellence without the massive investments of time, resources, and money that were required to do so in the past.

Sweep simplifies how your team understands, creates, and iterates in Salesforce, removing busywork and unblocking them to work on the business’ top priorities.

Starting with visibility

Like every new product, it starts with a visual wow effect. Once you connect Sweep to your Salesforce org, Sweep creates immediate visibility of your revenue processes with real-time documentation and dependency mapping of everything that is happening in your Salesforce, this will align the entire team on understanding what changes need to be done.

Sweep leverages modern AI capabilities to analyze your Salesforce architecture and help you quickly understand why every object was created, what it is related to, and how a change will impact it. If a field is getting updated by an automation and you don’t know why, simply click on the field in Sweep, find all automations that touch this field, and ask the AI chatbot how this field is updated, and what the consequences would be if you were to change it. (screenshot of chatbot?) Gone are the days of opening each flow and clicking through each node to find out which flow updates this field.


Now that you can see, it’s time to think – together – in one visual language. Sweep’s canvas allows teams to communicate around new processes, suggest changes, and leave feedback on one mutual working space. No more flowcharts and docs that should be translated into technical scopes—one shared reality for every business user.

Create and Deploy at ease- directly to Salesforce

We’ve all been there, thinking that a minor change to a process is also a minor technical change—and then realizing that it’s not the case.

What separates Sweep from other products, is that it deploys changes to your Salesforce natively—with no code. Everything you’ve just built lives, and can be edited, in Salesforce. Hours of development and testing are saved without sacrificing control.

Leveraging Salesforce capabilities for a robust GTM engine

Another ancient yet common discussion when buying new tools for your revenue tech stack is: Can’t we build it on Salesforce? Well, the answer is always: Yes, but it’s hard/long.

Sweep changed the buy vs. build discussion by allowing teams to natively leverage Salesforce capabilities like lead routing, assignment, deduplication, lead to account matching, rollup helper, slack integration automations, and alerts—built directly on your Salesforce, with no dependency on a long list of external apps.

For every persona

Whether you are an admin, revenue executive or a Salesforce partner, Sweep will make your Salesforce life easier. Sweep empowers teams to “speak the Salesforce language” with no barriers. It reduces discovery time, provides clarity and visibility for teams, and accelerates deployment time.

Users should consider Sweep as an additional member to their team, that super powers all of their existing resources.


Sweep brings a new, innovative vision to the bloated market of GTM tools and softwares. It allows revenue teams to level up their GTM processes by reducing the burden of Salesforce maintenance and development.

You can start using Sweep for free today—start here by booking a demo

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