When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 16

When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 16

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

This is the fifth week of posting a ‘use case a day’ so that a newbie can practice. These five weeks also gave me some time to relax – for, because I was posting a ‘use case a day’, I did not write any blogs. Now, it is time to go back to my regular fix – writing blogs!

During these five weeks, I received many emails requesting detailed answers to ‘one use case a day’ questions! The answer is ‘No’.

Sorry to disappoint – for several reasons: (1) the intent of these exercises is to help you think through a solution; (2) providing detailed answers will defeat the very purpose of these exercises; and, last but not least (3), coming up with ‘use case a day’, editing them for publishing etc., is pretty time consuming. My editor, Munira Majmundar, and I spend several hours working on each post – be it a ‘use case a day’ or a full-fledge blog. Unfortunately, neither she nor I have extra bandwidth to provide detailed answers – notwithstanding the fact that providing answers, as mentioned, defeats the very vision and mission of these exercises. So, do yourself a favor – think! Think through the steps and reach out to us for guidance.

With that said, next week is the last week of posting a ‘use case a day’ series. If you have any suggestion, feedback – please reach out to me via this form

I am posting a ‘use case a day’ because I strongly believe that one of the streamlined ways to master Salesforce is to take a requirement, think how to design and develop various solutions and then, chose the best solution. By so doing, I want to help my fellow Trailblazers to work on solving challenges and learn something new daily! Empower yourself with Salesforce skills so you too can be a ‘Giver’ and not just a ‘Taker’.

Yes, true! Certainly. Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead; or, in the near future, you may be a guide to someone else! For remember, when one teaches, two learn!! So, get the ball rolling and, knock out the following use cases!!

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You can also use this landing page to find all the exercises in one place. So, without further ado, let us untangle the following use cases!!

Hands-on Excercise

Donna Serdula, a System Administrator at GoC, is still in her learning phase and needs your help to solve some of her day-to-day salesforce tasks that are assigned to her:

Whenever a task (related to an Opportunity) with Subject “1stAppointment” is marked as completed then auto update related opportunity Stage to Negotiation. 

Help Donna to solve this requirement. Not only that, share with her different ways via which this requirement can be solved in Salesforce. And, last but not least, identify the best solution and explain why you believe it is the best solution!

Proofreader: - Munira Majmundar
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