Boost Your Thinking Skills – Tackle One Use Case at a Time! – Admin Excercise​ 4

Boost Your Thinking Skills – Tackle One Use Case at a Time! – Admin Excercise​ 4

Last Updated on July 6, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

As of this point, we have completed several trails on Trailhead and are counting! As a result, we have amassed theoretical knowledge and have some practical experience. But, since our drive to learn Salesforce is insatiable, we want more!

Learning by doing is the key. So, let us look at several hands-on scenarios. By practicing, let us figure out how to identify, design and implement the best solution to solve a problem or a requirement.

Here is the game plan – take bite-size use cases and work on solving them. If you are stuck or get frustrated, reach out to me – I will guide you towards the solution but not solve it for you!

Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead – remember that, when one teaches, two learn!! So, get the ball rolling and knock out the following use cases!!

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Hands-on Excercise

Donna Serdula’s confidence, as a System Administrator at GoC, continues to build – Woohoo!! In a short time-span, she has been inching from being a novice to becoming a pro!

GoC has decided to revamp campaign management and automate some of the tasks to improve reporting. Donna received a requirement from her team lead as follows:

    1. Going forward, make sure that lead always has Source field populated.
    2. For each source, someone has already created a campaign in Salesforce. As a result, Donna has to auto add these campaigns to a lead based on the lead source. For example, if someone created a lead and populated Bill Board as a source then, auto add Bill Board campaign to the lead. If the lead source is Webinar then, auto adds Webinar campaign to the lead.

Help Donna to solve this requirement. Not only that, share with her different ways via which this requirement can be solved in Salesforce. And, last but not least, identify the best solution and explain why you believe it is the best solution!

P.S: – At this stage (as you are beginner in Salesforce) you are allowed to hardcode record IDs. However, remember that hard coding of a record ID is not a best practice.

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