When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 15

When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 15

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

Delighted to see how hard everyone is working to solve one use case a day and sending me their question and solutions! It boosts my energy and encourages me to keep posting use case nuggets on my website.

The feedback has been varied, engaging and constructive. Last week, for instance, many people Emailed me the following – Rakesh, by solving these use cases on a daily basis, will I be able to clear my Admin 201 or Platform App Builder exam?

My response – Working on these questions may not directly help you in clearing a specific certification exam. However, at a broader level, by solving these use cases, you will gain mastery over the platform. And, once you do that, you will be among the superstars that boast of clearing 3 or more certification in one day!

My motto with all blog posts and coaching is to help you gain mastery over the platform; once you do that, rest will fall in place! My path is unique and one that is a less traveled one. But, those with diligence and perseverance, including me, have reaped benefits beyond expectations! So, my friends, focus on understanding the concepts and try to solve business scenarios with the same ferocity as a hungry lion!

My main goal to post one use case daily is to provide all of you opportunities to tackle hands-on exercises and sharpen your thinking skills so you can streamline your abilities to design solutions seamlessly.  

So, ready? Here is the game plan – take bite-size use cases and work on solving them. If you are stuck or get frustrated, reach out to me – I will guide you towards the solution but not solve it for you! Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead. And, now that you have been solving the use cases, don’t be surprised if you become a guide to others!!! – When one teaches, two learn!!

So, without further ado, let us untangle the following use cases!!

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You can also use this landing page to find all the exercises in one place. 

Hands-on Excercise

Carolina Lopez is very happy with her progress. In a short time, she learned a lot. Now she received the following requirements from her boss:

  1. If a new user profile is ‘Inside Sales’ then, auto add them into a queue – Marketing Hot Leads.
  2. Update Chatter Digest Email frequency for all new users to weekly.

Help Carolinato solve this requirement. Not only that, share with her different ways via which this requirement can be solved in Salesforce. And, last but not least, identify the best solution and explain why you believeit is the best solution!

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