Summer into Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Summer19 Release!

Summer into Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Summer19 Release!

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Rakesh Gupta

With each new release, Lightning Experience is getting faster, quicker and easier to maintainSummer’19 release will give you a plethora of reasons to switch to Lightning Experience.

Migrate to avoid migraine!

Starting October 2019, with the Winter ’20 release, Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience for all orgs on a rolling basis. What does it mean? If you are still using Salesforce Classic user interface, you have only 9 months (Approximately, 120 Working Days) before Salesforce turns on Lightning Experience in your Org. As a result, you have limited time to plan and migrate to Lightning Experience.

Now what? Well, you have two options: 

  1. Take advantage of the lead time – before Lightning Experience is turned on – to understand how your org’s features and customizations perform in the new interface and prepare your users via change management.
  2. Or, hmm… ugh! adopt ‘head in the sand’ approach – i.e., don’t do anything until October 2019 – and invite migraine!

Since the choice seems like a no-brainer, what is your game plan?

What? Don’t have one? No worries! Check out this article by, Inc. The article will give you enough knowledge to start, plan and execute your Lightning Migration. Since you are at it, also check out my article on Lightning migration

Currently, Summer’19 release is available under the pre-release program. On the 3rd and 4th of May, Sandboxes will be upgraded; as a result, your organization will get the look and feel of Summer’19 release.

In case you have not read the entire 472 pages of Salesforce Summer’19 release notes, check out Summer’19 release quick summary written by me. 

I combed through the release notes and highlighted the most exciting, interesting, and useful Lightning Experience features. Since Lightning Experience is getting faster and better with every release, it was a challenge to stop at just ten! To kick things off, here is my take on the coolest Lightning features from Summer’19 release.

1) Access Lightning Experience from Safari on iPad Devices (Beta):- Now you and your sales reps have the ability to run the full desktop version of Lightning Experience on your iPad device when you’re away from your desktop or laptop.iPad LEX

To enable it, navigate to Setup (Gear Icon) | Setup | Apps | Mobile Apps | Lightning Experience on iPad Browsers (Beta).

iPad 1

2) Celebrate When Path Users Reach Sales Milestones on the Road:- When your reps close deals on the road, help them celebrate. Toss some virtual confetti when reps reach a designated Path stage, like winning an opportunity. for example, contacting a lead. You can choose the frequency, such as always for those hard-won victories or only sometimes for daily occurrences. Celebrations don’t work on the status Converted on leads.



A confetti celebration creates a little fun when reps reach a milestone.

3) Choose from Two Record View Options: – Now you have two record page view default options. Choose between the current view – now called Grouped view – and the new Full view. The full view displays all details and related lists on the same page.

Summer'19 10

To enable it, navigate to Setup (Gear Icon) | Setup | User Interface | Record Page Settings, then select the correct record page view for your Org.


Full view (1) displays all details and related lists on the same page. Grouped view (2), the original Lightning Experience record view, focuses on specifics by grouping information across tabs and columns.

4) Send Case Emails with Community and Site Article URLs in Lightning Experience: – Close cases in a jiff by inserting Knowledge article links from your communities and sites. In Lightning Experience, agents can use the Insert URL into Email action in the Knowledge component to post a link to the article. Previously, this feature was available only in Salesforce Classic.

To enable it, navigate to Setup (Gear Icon) | Setup | Feature Settings | Service | Knowledge | Knowledge Settings and select checkbox Allow users to share articles via public URLs. 


Now in a case, agents can use the action in the Knowledge component (1) to insert the link into the case feed email (2).

5) Use Enhanced Letterheads to Increase the Effectiveness of Lightning Email Templates: – Standardize the information in the header and footer of an email template with enhanced letterheads. Include your company’s logo and contact information, or add legal disclaimers and subscription links. Create your enhanced letterhead in a rich text editor, or paste in your own custom HTML for full control of styling. Add merge fields, images, and links.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 11.53.46 PM


To create a new lightning letterhead, navigate to App launcher, and select Enhanced Letterheads

6) Keep Sales Quotas in Sight with a Few Clicks in Lightning Experience: – Say goodbye to Data Loader and the API, at least when it comes to managing quota data. Now you can easily add and update quotas on the new Forecasts Quotas page in Setup.

Summer'19 11

First of all, make sure that you have enabled quotas. If quotas are enabled, you are good to go.

7) Set Up Bots Faster and with Less Preparation: – Jumpstart bot implementations without adding 20 utterances or turning on Einstein to create an intent model for your bot. On dialog intents, you can choose to enter a few keywords that exactly match utterances used by customers. 


The exact match option helps you test and deploy simple bots faster. Exact match ignores capitalization but doesn’t overlook spaces or punctuation.

8) Manage Knowledge Workflow Actions in Lightning Experience: – Model and automate processes and employ Knowledge actions in the workflows that you create. Previously, you could manage Knowledge workflow actions only in Salesforce Classic.

Summer'19 22

This change applies to Lightning Experience only. Workflow is available in Enterprise, Performance, Developer, and Unlimited editions. Salesforce Knowledge is available in Essentials, Developer, and Unlimited editions, and for an additional cost in Professional, Performance, and Enterprise editions

9) Power Up Your Related Lists with Enhanced Related: – Take your related lists to the next level. With Enhanced Related Lists, you can show up to 10 columns, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions, and wrap text.

Summer'19 7


Choosing Enhanced List affects all related lists in the component.

10) Get Notified When Reports Conditions Are Met::- Don’t wait to find out when an important aggregate in your Salesforce report reaches a meaningful threshold. When a change affects a report that you rely on, report subscribers can receive the updated information right away.

Summer'19 20

For instance, set conditions to send an email when the open opportunities count less than 10. Choose whether the email contains a summary of the conditions that were met or a summary plus the whole report.

To print a record page, on the record home page, click on the Printable View button as shown in the preceding screenshot. 

So, in a nutshell, migrate at your earliest to avoid migraine and leverage the aforementioned features to increase your productivity by several folds! Happy learning!


What are your favorite Summer’19 release note gems? Care to share?

–> You can download release notes in HTML format!, for PDF files.

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  1. Excellent article! I have a question on “4) Send Case Emails with Community and Site Article URLs in Lightning Experience”. I don’t see a Knowledge component in my list of Lightning Components. Is is a custom component that needs to be created?

  2. My understanding is that Salesforce are automatically switching on Lightning Experience but it doesn’t mean you have to migrate across then. Is this correct? We have LE switched on but we haven’t enabled it in the profiles for anyone except our Administrators.

    1. Yes, you’re right – Salesforce will automatically enable Lightning Experience for all customer orgs. But Salesforce is not going to migrate JavaScript button, Visualforce page, and other metadata to lightning compatible.

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