When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 6

When One Teaches, Two Learn! – Admin Excercise​ 6

Last Updated on July 6, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

I was skeptical at first; but, it was an eye opener – what a difference a teaching style makes! One of my mentees has been imploring me to guide her towards Salesforce mastery by assigning use cases. Within a few weeks, she has gained the level of confidence on the platform that neither she nor I expected.

And, she is not alone! Based on my experience with her, I have been posting one use case daily. The response from Ohana has been impressive, to say the least! So, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for their encouraging emails and positive responses on my initiative to post one use case daily!

Do something every day that brings you closer to your goals.

Take a small step every day – work hard and smart my friends and, trust me, one day you will become a Salesforce genius! This strategy has not failed me or anyone I know! How about you?

With that said, I am happy to announce that recently I was featured on Salesforce TrailheaDX website. Once again, thanks everyone for all your support.

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My main goal to post one use case daily is to provide opportunities to tackle hands-on exercises and sharpen your thinking skills so you can streamline your abilities to design solutions seamlessly.  

So, ready? Here is the game plan – take bite-size use cases and work on solving them. If you are stuck or get frustrated, reach out to me – I will guide you towards the solution but not solve it for you!

Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead – remember that, when one teaches, two learn!! So, get the ball rolling and knock out the following use cases!!

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You can also use this landing page to find all the exercises in one place. 

Hands-on Excercise

Donna Serdula, a System Administrator at GoC, is still in her learning phase and needs your help to solve some of her day-to-day salesforce tasks that are assigned to her:

  1. Create a formula field and copy Lead’sEmail address. Everyone in the Organization – including users from the same profile as you – should be able to see values/content within the formula field except you!
  2. At GoC they have two custom objects College and Student. College is a parent object and Student is a child object. The objects are in a Master Detail relationship. Once they create a student record, they are not able to change the college. So, the management has a following ask – Is it possible to reparent the college field on the Student object? Donna, being a Salesforce Ninja, responded – I will find and implement the solution!!

Help Donna to solve this requirement. Not only that, share with her different ways via which this requirement can be solved in Salesforce. And, last but not least, identify the best solution and explain why you believe it is the best solution!

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