Mass update records through Enhanced list view

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Mass Update

In Salesforce you can create list views to filter out records based on any field that you have access to. Like You want to see a list of accounts where Billing state/Province =” Ontario” or as per your business requirement. To create list view follow the below steps

1) Click on Account tab

Account Tab
Account Tab

2) Click on “Create new View” at the top of Account list page or in the Views section of any tab home page.

Create New View
Create New View

Note:- If you don’t see Create New View, It means you don’t have the “Create and Configure List Views” permission.

3) It will redirect you to “Create New View Pagewhere you have to enter few details to create view

a) View Name
b) View Unique name will auto populate based on View Name you entered in last step, you can change it as per your convenience.
c) Specify Filter Criteria, In our case I selected “All Accounts” and  optionally you can select Filter By Additional Fields to filter out record as per your requirement, In our case I used
Select Billing state/Province equals =” Ontario

d) Next select “field to display”, that will appear in your list view column. Use Add or Remove arrow to move fields from “Available fields” to “Selected fields
Note:- you can choose up to 15 fields to display as columns.

e) Finally restricted visibility :- Here you can share list view with
i) Visible only to me
ii) Visible to all users (Includes partner and customer portal users)

It will look like below Screen shot in our case.

Create New View page
Create New View page

f) Click on Save. Now you can see all records that matches with your filter criteria.

Account List view
Account List view

Mass update records through enhanced list view

After enabling “Inline Editing” and “Enhanced Lists” features, you can even edit certain fields right in the lists. To enable these feature follow the below Steps

1) Name | Setup | App Setup | Customize | User Interface

enable permission
enable permission

2) Select both check boxes and click on Save.

Now time to Test this feature

Go to account list view that you created in last steps
To update one record, Follow the below steps

1) Editable cells display a pencil icon (images) when you hover over the cell, Click on the field that you want to update

Pencil icon
Pencil icon

2) It will open a Pop-up, after that you can be able to update that field

Update field
Update field

3) Once done, click on Save.

To update multiple records, Follow the below steps

1) Select the “Action” check  boxes on the left for the records that you want to update, you can select up to 200 records at one time to edit.

Action Checkbox
Action Check box

2) Now double click on field that you want to update. In our case, I am going to update Type field.
3) It will open a popup like below screen shot, You can select the value form Drop down, optionally select “Apply to changes” for just one record or all selected records.. In our case I selected “All 2 selected records”.

Mass update records
Mass update records

4) Click on Save, Selected records will be updated.

Note:- Some standard fields don’t support inline editing. For example, Case Status, Opportunity Stage, Opportunity Amount, Opportunity Quantity and Lead Status, and most Task and Event fields can only be edited from a record’s edit page.If your organization uses record types, inline editing with lists is only available when all of the records in the list are of the same record type.

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