[App Review] Smart Cloud Connect – Transforming Mailbox into a High-End Business Hub

Having to fumble with number of clicks – (1) when in a hurry; (2) when an important idea pops up; or (3), god forbid, when in the midst of an important negotiation with a premium client – is one of the major pet peeves of most Sales representatives. Is it

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[App Review] Meet Resco Mobile App – Offline Mobility for Salesforce

Looking for a way to utilize offline knowledge articles, reports, maps, and more in a mobile solution for Salesforce? If so, then, consider an offline mobile app solution. The offline mobile solution is of the utmost importance to sales representatives and field service agents because it enables them to deliver

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[App Review] How processes masquerading as projects are hurting your business

Project management is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It seems that any organized effort that includes tasks with due dates is deemed to be a project. But what if it isn’t? Misidentifying it could set your project or initiative back at the very outset. Ask yourself: What

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