JotForm – Powerful Online Forms and Workflow Automation for Salesforce

JotForm – Powerful Online Forms and Workflow Automation for Salesforce

Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

Salesforce is the most robust and comprehensive sales, marketing, and operations based CRM solution available. The limits of what you can do with your customer data — once it’s in Salesforce — are bound only by your imagination and skill in navigating the ecosystem. 

But no two organizations are the same. Each has its own needs — from simple to complex, lead capture to event coordination. And how you get your data into Salesforce (integration type, object creation, field matching, prefill, etc.) can make the difference in whether your CRM workflows truly automate your busywork and save valuable time or bog you down with manual tasks.   

It’s a point of pride for us that thousands of nonprofits, service providers, healthcare companies, and more have trusted Jotform to pipe their customer data into Salesforce over the years.

Jotform is now available on Salesforce’s AppExchange for a brand-new and intuitive form building experience.

Jotform for Salesforce benefits at a glance

With Jotform on the Salesforce AppExchange, your workflows will experience true end-to-end automation, helping your organization accomplish its goals faster.

Here’s why you’ll love Jotform for Salesforce:

  1. This new form solution, automatically integrated with your Salesforce objects and fields, eliminates platform switching.
  2. With Jotform’s industry-leading automations directly in your Salesforce environment, you can create more reliable and productive workflows.
  3. Automated data integration between your customer-facing forms and your Salesforce database ensures accuracy and saved time (which means money saved).
  4. Jotform’s app aligns with Salesforce’s security standards, and together we offer industry-leading form and CRM data security and regulatory compliance.
  5. You can try the Jotform for Salesforce App for free!

If you’re a nonprofit digitizing applications from those in need, a B2B collecting leads and video assets, a healthcare supplier logging order information and invoices from doctors’ offices, or a leading enterprise with 50,000-plus customers, Jotform for Salesforce is built to scale with your needs.

Who Should Use Jotform for Salesforce?

We hinted that industries like nonprofit and healthcare are big users of Jotform’s legacy Salesforce integration. But really anyone in any industry who already uses Salesforce should use this enhanced version of the integration.

In addition to syncing standard contacts and leads, here are some sample use cases.

Industry Jotform & Salesforce uses
Nonprofit Nonprofits can sync donations, applications, program registrations, and event collateral they collect through Jotform to Salesforce. They can also use Jotform’s Donation Apps and approval workflow automations within Salesforce.
Healthcare Healthcare professionals and suppliers alike use Jotform to create invoices and HIPAA-friendly appointment forms. They can sync related contact data to custom objects in Salesforce.
Sales An automated Jotform and Salesforce workflow for leads is critical for any Sales team. Additionally, Sales  gets proposals for estimates as well as new customer order forms. They can reengage their current customer base with prefilled forms.
Financial services Financial services firms use both solutions to qualify and handle loan creation, and update existing customer information, using conditional logic and Smart PDF Forms.
B2B/event management Service-oriented companies map registration submissions to custom objects and log survey feedback in Salesforce.
Consultants The uses here range from creating forms that can be embedded on a website to e-signature solutions to prefilling data using Salesforce info.
Agencies and trade desks These companies sell services, collect payments and applications, and then map and track their applicants in Salesforce.

Creating Your First Salesforce Form

Not only are all your Jotform automations available within your Salesforce instance, but a great new feature of Jotform for Salesforce is the unique Salesforce form type within the app.

From your My Forms homepage, click the Create Form button as you normally would. You’ll now see the option, Create Salesforce Form, which allows you to create a form that’s automatically integrated with your Salesforce objects.

mage of 'My Forms' homepage with 'Create Form' button, highlighting the new 'Create Salesforce Form' option for automatic integration with Salesforce objects

This new option is perfect for efficiently mapping your Salesforce fields to your forms. It allows for easier field syncing from your forms to leads, contacts, accounts, or other custom objects/records, leaving complex integration connections behind.

Simply select the objects that suit your needs and add them to your new form. Objects are basically mini databases. Each database contains fields relevant to the object.

In this Salesforce example form, I’ve selected three objects: LeadEvent, and Attachment. There’s no limit to the number of objects you can select to suit your data needs.

Screenshot of a Salesforce example form with three selected objects

Once you’ve selected all your objects (and checked the fields within them for the data you want in your form), click Create Form. Your new form will show all the fields you’ve selected.

As an example, when someone submits my new lead form, their details will automatically populate the objects in my Salesforce database.

Screenshot illustrating that a submitted lead form auto-populates selected Salesforce database objects

Need to update or edit your form? Use the new Salesforce icon within the form builder to update your objects. You can change or add fields within your existing objects, or add new ones.

Image highlighting the Salesforce icon in the form builder

When you click Next, you’ll have the option to toggle on Update record to avoid duplicates in your database.

You can also click the Add action button to create a new record, update an existing one, or find an existing record.

mage showing 'Add action' button for options to create, update, or find a database record
Announcing Jotform for Salesforce Image-1

The Jotform Advantage, Now in Salesforce

While other AppExchange solutions can help you import data into Salesforce, we believe the quality and reach of our workflow automations make a difference.

For instance, it’s now easy to securely prefill your forms within the Salesforce interface.

Simply go to the Publish tab, access Prefill from the left menu, choose Salesforce Prefill, and upload the contact and lead information you need in your forms. Since you’re already in Salesforce, no account authentication is needed.

Prefilling forms is proven to deliver higher form conversion rates and better lead accuracy (in addition to updating your Salesforce contacts or company details with new information).

For a deeper dive, learn more about prefilling forms with your Salesforce objects.

screenshot of some payment gateways logos

If you’re collecting payments, you can add one of over 40 payment integrations to your Salesforce forms. Customize fields in your objects to indicate whether a fee has been collected upon form submission or log the amount paid in your object’s fields.

Screenshot showing how to create a Jotform Sign agreement in Salesforce

Create a Jotform Sign agreement within Salesforce that’s automatically set up for approvals by internal stakeholders. You’ll collect signed documents that will keep work moving and productivity at its highest levels.

These and other form-based automations like PDF generation, Jotform Approvals, Jotform Apps, and Report Builder — along with the new Salesforce forms — continue to streamline your workflows while fitting your unique Salesforce needs in innovative ways.

If you work for an enterprise organization that uses Salesforce as its CRM, learn more about Jotform Enterprise on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Tips for Working in Salesforce

New to Salesforce? The powerful solution can help your organization manage customer processes and engagement in many ways, but getting started can be daunting.

Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind if you’re just beginning:

  1. Goal setting. Define what success looks like for your needs and workflows. Catalog the data you’re importing, and map how you’d like to manage it. This will give you a holistic view of your ideal workflows so you can separate needs from wants.
  2. Consider a consultant. Not everyone has the budget for consulting. But if you do, havingconsultant on hand can save you a lot of time. Plus, they can train your stakeholders so that knowledge can be passed down in the future.
  3. Train up. Every organization has subject matter experts, so why not create your own Salesforce gurus? Get those who want to learn new skills started with free resources available from the Trailblazer Community, YouTube, TikTok, and more.
Announcing Jotform for Salesforce Image-2


Jotform for Salesforce improves your experience by offering

  • Seamless data capture through forms within the Salesforce interface. This makes for easy field mapping and transfer of data to leads, contacts, and custom objects.
  • Enhanced lead generationJust embed your Salesforce forms on your company website (or on social media). Your sales team can follow up easily on real-time data flows.
  • Improved data quality via accurate field mapping through the Jotform app. Your teams will no longer need to manually enter data.
  • An integrated user experience. Having access to all of Jotform’s features within Salesforce eliminates the need for platform switching, making for a streamlined process.

If you’re an existing paid Jotform customer with a Salesforce integration, you’ll be able to install Jotform on the AppExchange and begin using it now (consultants being an exception).

For those on a Jotform Starter plan, you can enjoy up to five forms and 100 monthly submissions on us; however, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to increase usage, storage space, or the number of users.

If your needs exceed what’s available with the Starter plan, you can join any of the following single-user plans:

  • Bronze: $39/month
  • Silver: $49/month
  • Gold: $129/month

Nonprofit organizations automatically qualify for discounts. And for those who require company-wide access or a customized approach, Jotform offers Enterprise solutions; speak with someone today to learn more.

Try out Jotform for Salesforce today and let us know how you feel about it. Plus, feel free to review us in the AppExchange. 


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