How to Connect Salesforce with Google Analytics and Google Ads

How to Connect Salesforce with Google Analytics and Google Ads

Last Updated on May 12, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

Google Analytics and Google Ads are two solutions widely used by marketing team to attract prospect on their website and analyze prospect online behavior and conversion.

While it’s super easy to analyze how each investment converts when selling products online it can be very complex to analyze if prospects who come from your Google Ads are truly converted/purchased when you have a “fragmented” sales process, mixing an online request with an offline sales process.

Why connecting Salesforce with Google Analytics and Google Ads is crucial for marketing teams.

Take a look at John Doe, interested in buying

John clicks on a Google Ad and books a demo on heeet. This “conversion” can easily be tracked with Google Analytics, it’s only a form completion. But then a sales manager will follow up on John’s demo, will send him a proposal and then hopefully will closed the opportunity.

Since those last two actions are happening “offline” in Salesforce, they do not appear in Google Analytics and Google Ads, making it super hard for marketing team to measure the real ROI of their investments and to optimize on which campaign and keyword they need to invest.

How can Heeet help you to connect Salesforce with Google Analytics and Google Ads

Using a solution like Heeet will allow you to easily monitor your campaign performance and ROI and send any Salesforce “events” to your Google Analytics and Google Ads account.

Connect your online campaigns with Salesforce

Heeet enables you to sync Salesforce with Google Ads (but also Linkedin Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads). Each campaign is created as a Salesforce Campaign in Salesforce and is updated every hour to reflect current costs, impressions and clicks of the campaign.

UTM Parsing and Lead Source Tracking

Without using any cookie, Heeet collects first and last click data for each of your online lead. You can quickly identify what channels, campaigns, keywords, landing urls are converting the most. Heeet also provides actionable insights such as acquisition costs and number of interactions per channels.

Sync online leads with paid campaigns

If an online prospect is coming from an online campaign, Heeet automatically associates this lead as a campaign member under the relevant paid campaigns in Salesforce enabling you to easily monitor how many leads, converted leads, opportunities and revenue each campaign is generating.

Send Salesforce data to Google Analytics and Google Ads

Heeet allows you to configure any Salesforce event that should be synced with Google Analytics.
When a lead is converted, when a demo is booked, when a proposal is sent and of course when an opportunity is won, any Salesforce event is actionable in Google Analytics so you can run deeper online analysis about attribution.

Now thanks to Heeet you have a clear understanding of what channels, campaigns, ad groups and keywords are truly generating revenue.

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