Improve Your Data Collection Strategy with Web Forms

Improve Your Data Collection Strategy with Web Forms

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

Does your organization have a solid data collection strategy in place? If not, the lack of one can be felt at almost every organizational level. Healthy data collection processes can impact multiple areas of business, including:

  • Internal team communication
  • Administrative and business processes
  • Data visibility and transparency
  • Payment processing
  • Customer support
  • Sales and marketing initiatives

With these critical areas in mind, how can you be proactive now, in order to quickly improve your organization’s data collection strategy? It starts by working smarter, not harder. Using an online form builder and data collection platform like FormAssembly makes the lift even easier.

Make a Plan for Each Collection Stage

As you collect data from respondents, prospects, or customers, it’s important to have a plan in place for each stage of the process. Web forms play an important role here, since they often serve as the gateway for how this information flows back to you or your business. 

Before you collect data, what do you need to discuss with your team? Are there any security and privacy concerns that you should plan for? How will you prep your web forms so that they are both simple for your internal users and user-friendly for respondents?

During the data collection process, it’s vital that you have an idea of where the data is going. With the ability to connect to a CRM, incoming data syncs in real time. For FormAssembly users, connecting to Salesforce is a simple setup that provides invaluable real-time results. This middle step of the data collection process allows you to take action immediately and to avoid any gaps that can result from manual data entry.

After you have the data, how will you put it to use? Consider important activities like analysis, storage, and application. With legal considerations like GDPR at play, you should be mindful of where your data lives, who can access it, and how long it will be stored.

Strategizing with Web Forms 

As you’ve learned, web forms can be integral at both the beginning, middle, and end of any strong data collection process. With a data collection platform like FormAssembly, the entire journey becomes streamlined for you and your end users.

The best part of FormAssembly is that it’s simple to build, customize, and deploy your online forms according to your needs. Premade form templates and a drag-and-drop interface make it easy to get started–no coding required.

Are you in need of a way to plan for each step of the data collection process? Check out some of FormAssembly’s helpful resources and upcoming webinars listed below!

Resources for better data collection

FormAssembly’s extensive resource library, webinars, and classes are great ways to expand your data collection knowledge and get more out of Salesforce. Here are some of FormAssembly’s upcoming webinars in Spring 2021:

Mobilizing Healthcare Resources with Better Data and Forms

Wednesday, April 21st at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Healthcare organizations collect large amounts of personal health information (PHI) day after day in order to deliver quality care to patients. From patient intake forms to health history forms and beyond, it’s important for this data to be collected efficiently and securely. With FormAssembly’s HIPAA compliant web form builder and data collection platform, healthcare organizations are able to save time and money while improving the overall patient 
experience. In this webinar, we’ll show you how California Health Corps leveraged FormAssembly to mobilize healthcare providers and resources during COVID-19.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with FormAssembly

Friday, April 30th at 11 a.m. EDT

You likely already know about FormAssembly’s intuitive form builder, powerful Salesforce integration, and robust security and compliance, but there’s a lot more to FormAssembly that you may not know. In this webinar, Steven Watkins, Marketing Automation Specialist, and Hayley McNitt, Event Coordinator, will discuss five lesser-known abilities of FormAssembly. The tips we’ll share will help you supercharge your web forms and achieve even more complex use cases.

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With FormAssembly’s drag-and-drop form builder, high security standards, robust Salesforce integration, and helpful resources, complex Salesforce processes can become a thing of the past! Be sure to visit the FormAssembly webinars page and events page frequently for more learning opportunities.

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