12 thoughts on “Salesforce Summer19 release quick summary

  1. THX Rakesh, very interesting
    Have you heard about the ability to add filtered Related Lists to pages ? I thought it was planned to be GA in the summer 19 ?

  2. Thanks as well, a great summary. This is the most extensive list of upgrades I’ve seen in quite a few releases.Very happy that Related Lists are now customisable – four fields was far too few. Good news about Process Builder supporting Custom Metadata Records, That will save creating Custom Objects or hard coding information like CPI for Pricing.

    A lot more Classic Features finally moved over as well – won”t be needing to switch back so often and see that old, old UI….

  3. Great summary, as usual. The Full View Option is really a fundamental change – it appears to replicate the Classic UI, which is so much easier to understand. It should make the transition to Lightning far easier for the users to accept.

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