Feed Based Page Layouts

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Feed Based Page Layouts

After Spring’14 release Feed-Based Page Layouts is now generally available.This is similar to case feed layout, which has been available for a while and is now added to some standard objects and custom objects.This feature is available for Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and custom object records by creating Feed-Based page layout. Feed-Based page layout has two separate views

1) Record’s feed
2) Details Page

Feed-Based page layout views
Feed-Based page layout views

Feed-Based Page Layouts offer a more efficient way of working with records. It doesn’t require users to scroll through full page for the information they are not interested in ,to find what they’re looking for. In Simple words Salesforce breaks down Chatter feed track (Feed Tab) and records detail page into different Tabs (Details Tab). Users can easily switch back and forth between the feed view, which includes the publisher and important events on the record, shown in sequential order, and the details view, which shows in-depth information about the record, including related lists.

The feed view in these layouts includes

In this demo I used “Demo” custom object.
1) Tabs(Feed & Details).
2) The Publisher Actions.
3) Custom buttons & Links.
4) The record feed which includes activity on the record, such as comments others have made about it.
5) A follow button ( Follow) or following indicator ( Following) and a list of people who follow the record.
6) Feed filters, which let you choose which information from the feed you see.
7) Visualforce Pages.

Feed view
Feed View

The Details view in these layouts includes

1) Detail views show in-depth information about the record.
2) Related lists.
3) Custom Links and buttons (In Detail page).
4) A follow button ( Follow) or following indicator ( Following) and a list of people who follow the record.
5) Visualforce Pages.

Details View
Details View

Configure Feed-Based Page Layout

In this demo I used “Demo” custom object.To Create feed-based page layout for demo object follow the below steps

1) Be sure feed tracking is enabled for the object (Demo) on which you want to create a feed-based layout.
To do that follow the path Name | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking.
2)  Create a new page layout and select “Feed-Based Layout” check-box.

Feed-Based Layout
Feed-Based Layout

3) On the main page layout editor page, customize the publisher action to include the actions you want to make available to users, and add any custom buttons or links.
4) Click Feed View in the page layout editor header to customize what appears on the feed page.

Edit Feed View
Edit Feed View

5) It will redirect a new window, where you can customize feed view page, this page includes

  • Add custom components, which are Visualforce pages with functionality you define.
  • Choose where on the page custom buttons and links and standard components like the Follow button and followers list appear.
  • Hide the standard sidebar.
  • Choose which feed filters are available, and where they appear.
Feed View Customization
Feed View Customization


Finally your feed view page look like above images.

Note:- Add your custom Button and Link into page layout, then only it will appear on feed view page.For Visualforce page, Pages must use standard controller of objects for that you are configuring feed-based page layout.

6) Click On Save, to Save Feed view, then again click on Save to save Feed Based Page layout.
7) Finally assign this page layout to user profiles.

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  1. Hi Rakesh!
    Love your Blog 🙂 Thanks for the effort you go to writing up all the articles
    Do you know if it’s possible to use different page layouts using record types when using Feed based page layouts?

      1. Hi Rakesh,

        I ask a similar question that Imran asked two years ago. Is it now possible to make Case Details the default tab that appears and not Case Feed in the Service Console?

        Thanks in advance.

  2. Interesting! I missed this in the release notes. Any thoughts on how to prepare users for the change to a feed layout? Change is often difficult and I can see many “traditional” users having issues with the change.

    1. I don’t have much idea on how to prepare user for the changes, But you can use Chatter group “Announcement” to inform/educate your users. Yes if you suddenly changes UI so users will really feel difficulty.

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