11 thoughts on “Display Last Activity Date on Object Record Detail Page

  1. Will it be possible to exclude the emails sent by Pardot/Account Engagement? This is affecting the true ‘last activity’ which would be made by a sales person.

  2. Good morning Rakesh, I am not sure that I understand the article you refrenced, and think that my settings are correct, when I send an email wither from outlook on my desktop for mac, or when I send an email from Salesforce, neither action is recorded as a Last Activity? Any suggestions as to what may not be set correctly? ( The emails do show up in the contacts and accounts activity field in sales force)
    As always thank you.

  3. HI RAKESH, I am not seeing that an email is triggering the last activity function? I must not have a setting set correctly?

  4. Ok. Fantastic. That worked.
    So then I will ask, can this also track email? Email for me is also considered a form of contact or activity? So now it will track all activities I log as tasks which is good and just wondering if it will track emails. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Hi I followed your outline as noted above and was able to see that I now have ‘Last Activity’ field (I put it on my contacts page as I would like to see last activity for contacts) The field is present and visible however it is not populating?
    Display Last Activity Date on Object Record Detail Page

    Any suggestions

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