14 thoughts on “Send a Welcome Email with Attachments to New Users Using Salesforce Flow

  1. Thanks Rakesh. Why are you using on ‘create and update’? This is for new users only. But I get that ISNEW() would handle this. What type use case can you imagine where ‘on update’ of a user record would be necessary?

    1. It is syntax for workflow triggered emails

      Workflow Target User Fields—Use these merge fields only in email templates for workflow rules on the User object. Merge fields named {!Target_User.field_name} return values from the user record that was created or updated to trigger the workflow rule.

    2. The target user is defined from the standpoint that this is the User object, and the Id ($Record.Id) of the automation targets the user new user that you’re building (ie, creating a new $Record.Id). Hope it helps.

  2. When defining when my process starts I have the following options
    1. A record changes
    2. A platform event occurs
    3. It’s invoked by by another process

    I don’t have the option of : When a record is created.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  3. Hi Rakesh,
    First of all, great blog with lots of advice.

    I told you that I followed the instructions to implement a welcome mail. Step by step, however when I preview the template mail fields such as username, name, surname, etc. Always appear with my data although I advise you to do it with another.

    I did another test,

    I put the rule into operation and create a new user. Then the welcome mail arrived but also my data (username, name, surname, etc) appear.

    In the template I am using the fields of the object “user”
    In process builder I am using the object “user”

    What could be happening?

    Greetings and thanks for the help

  4. Hi Rakesh, I have just automated a process using PB. I have created an email alert for all the Object Owners when the end date is before 90 days and 30 days. I dont have any immediate actions. My criteria is to fire if the name of the record is TRUE. I have tested in 2 SB which was succesfull. Well it is partially successful in the Prod as well. After activating the PB i have updated the records to meet the new criteria. Surprisingly, The users recieved emails immediately. But there are no immediate actions and the time triggers are for 90 days and 30 days. Please help ?

    1. Lets take an example :- If a workflow rule has a time trigger set for a time in the past, Salesforce queues the associated time-dependent actions to start executing within one hour. I mean to say, if a workflow rule on opportunities is configured to update a field 7 days before the close date, and you create an opportunity record with the close date set to today, Salesforce starts to process the field update within an hour after you create the opportunity.

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