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  1. Hello,
    If I want to use this existing flow to display this message each Thursday every two weeks what would the best way to adjust this?

    1. Here you go:

      1. Create a custom checkbox field
      2. Update the checkbox field using Scheduled Flow or using another automation
      3. In your screen Flow
      4. Add logic to check if the Above fields are true, then display the Screen; otherwise, bypass the screen component

      Another solution:

      1. Create a Date field to store the last time login Flow appeared after login
      2. Create a formula in Flow to calculate two weeks and then use the decision to Show/Skip the Screen component
  2. For some reason the attached image is not coming through when I try logging in even though it shows in the screen within the actual flow.

  3. I want to display the message for Morning and Evening seperately, like If a user login in the morning then the message display Good Morning and If the User login after 5:00 P.M after business hours then it display Good Evening. I tried but couldn’t find a way to track the time If it’s evening or morning when user login. Is there any way you know about?

  4. Only problem is Outlook login.
    It fails if the login flow has “Render Flow in Lightning Runtime ” activated.
    Anyone found a solution for this?

  5. I tried as per the article. its working However, I would like to display the maintenance message on the specific time period.

    since, we have used screen flow in above article it can not be called via process builder.

    I would like to set up a maintenance message for schedule time period via flow.

    Kindly help on this.


  6. Hi guys, i not able replicate the same at present, like I don’t see any “Drag and drop a Record Lookup” component in flows can any one help me on that

  7. Is there a way to create a login flow that posts a message for ALL profiles? I don’t want to have to create a separate login flow for each of our profiles, but in searching I don’t seem to find a solution.

      1. Hi Rakesh,

        Thank you for that tip, it worked. I have another follow-up question to the browser.

        I am trying to configure a flow to check if Internet Explorer is detected, it will pop up a message but if it were other browsers, nothing will pop up (just a normal login)

        I am unable to figure out the mechanics on how to implement an If-Else situation here. Can you please help me out?

      1. Could you please write a blog explaining how would it work in community and also it should only be shown only specific no. of times to logged user. We want to use this feature for onboaring the customers (say should this for first 5 times) to the customers so that he can get familiar with community and also use this feature for some urgent announcement say only one time to each user

        1. Here is my suggestion for you – Create a field on User object to store the count. And then in the Flow (update the count) and display/Skip the Login Flow based on your requirement (5 or more)

          1. We are trying to do this but after the login flow user is going to a page which can not be accessed. Will Visualforce work at the end of the flow to push users to custom URL page ?

            1. In your Flow create a Variable LoginFlow_FinishLocation (type string) – LoginFlow_FinishLocation (type string)—This attribute determines where to send the user when the flow completes.

              In the default value of the variable – defined URL

  8. Thanks. I tried that. now I am trying to login and I get this error “An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow
    An unhandled fault has occurred while processing the flow. Please contact your system administrator for more information.”

    Also I received an email from sandbox saying

    Flow Details
    Flow Name: SF_lOGIN_fLOW
    Type: Flow
    Version: 1
    Status: Active

    Flow Interview Details
    Interview Label: SF lOGIN fLOW 7/6/2017 1:10 PM
    Current User: Arun Govindan (00520000003e2vV)
    Start time: 7/6/2017 1:10 PM
    Duration: 0 seconds

    How the Interview Started
    Antony Test (00520000003e2vV) started the flow interview.

    RECORD QUERY: Get_Login_Text
    Find one Notice_Board__c record where:
    Display_Text_2__c Equals
    Failed to find record.

    1. Without looking at Debug Log it is very hard to identify the root cause. But in your case, it seems like Flow is Failed to find a record.

  9. Hi Rakesh,

    I lost you @ step 6, Once we drag and drop “Screen” to flow we have 3 tabs- 1.General info, 2.Add a field, 3. Field Settings.
    Could you please explain what needs to be done here.?

    1. 1. Navigate to Add a field tab
      2. Then add a Display Text”
      3. Then configure it. Make sure to add {!GetInforText} varibale

  10. One more question! The field I added shows on each record on my custom object, but the alert will only show the information from the most recent field that I have updated. Is that by design? I would think the alert would show all of the information under each field.

      1. It would be great for the log-in box to show any information that is listed in the field DisplayText. Right now that field is in three different locations but in one object. How would I accomplish that? I apologize, my experience with flow is VERY minimal.

          1. So does this record lookup replace the other lookup for the GetDisplayText? It looks like the screenshot is saying I need to create three different display text fields on my object. So how would I know which field already has something in it? Is there a way for me to post a screenshot so I can show you? This is a custom object if it makes a difference.

                  1. Great, that worked. Is there something else that needs to be added or checked off if there is nothing in the “Display Text” field? Right now if there is nothing the box pops up still upon log-in but it is just empty.

  11. This is great! I set this up in my devorg and when I run the flow in the flow it works, but if I log in as a user nothing pops up. I’ve tried different profiles thinking it was a permission issue, but nothing changes. Any thoughts? Is it because I’m logging in via the Users and not logging out and typing in their password, or should it work both ways?

    1. Hello Stacey,

      It will only work for those users who have same profile that you have selected at the time of Login Flow creation. Yes, you have to be logged out and then login again, After successful login attempt a Login Flow will appear.


  12. The notice page displays in the user’s Recent Items as a view only object. I can’t think of a way to suppress this with security, as they need view access to see the maintenance page.

    Any ideas on suppressing the Maintenance Object from the user’s recent items?

  13. Thanks for the good information. Is there a way to have a url (link) display as the notice and after the user clicks on it and is taken to the url’s page, the notice no longer displays for that user when he or she logs in……but for users who have NOT clicked through, the notice will still display until they do so. Possible?? Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Rakesh,
    Thanks for the post..we tried and it is working fine. Actually I’m trying to add VFP(Like agreement page) with in the Flow section instead of showing display information or Alerts. SF given “To add a flow to a Visualforce page, embed it using the component” But here I’m trying to add VFP to Flow.If you have any idea please guide me …

    Thank You

      1. Thanks for responding. Yes, I tried both the other text types and there is an error saying they are not compatible with workflow. Was wondering if you knew of a workaround. I’ll keep researching!

  15. Hi Rakesh, Thanks for your post. Is there any way to restrict the flow to run only once in a day when the user logs in? means display this message only once in the morning and not for nay subsequent logins in the same day

      1. Yeah, because I enabled it for the System Admin profile, logged out and now can’t log back in because it always trips on the Flow error. But this is a cool idea. Thanks for posting!

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