Copado Certifies Over 4000 DevOps experts to address the DevOps skills gap left from Covid-19 digital shifts

Copado Certifies Over 4000 DevOps experts to address the DevOps skills gap left from Covid-19 digital shifts

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

A couple months ago, I spoke with Sanjay Gidwani of Copado about the number one in-demand skill in IT – DevOps. Since that discussion, COVID-19 has challenged organizations to adopt and embrace remote work and, in particular, DevOps teams, which require a strong level of communication, velocity, and security to excel. A remote environment can either make or break this process. Covid-19 has accelerated Digital Transformation projects globally as companies prepare for the reopening and uncharted waters of the next 6-24 month market conditions. Most companies have concluded they will need a strong digital platform to make the shift and DevOps will be the engine that aligns their siloed teams and powers the speed and quality of their chosen platform.

Meanwhile, Salesforce deployments continue to grow in size and complexity while demand for DevOps with a more disciplined delivery process has grown. According to the State of Salesforce DevOps report, a DevOps Strategy enables enterprises to maximize a Salesforce investment, by unifying the team and optimizing the delivery pipeline. 

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Copado has focused on addressing the need for upskilling Salesforce professionals with DevOps tools and training in a few ways.

Copado Academy

In December, Copado launched its Salesforce DevOps certification program with the goal of training 10,000 people in 2020. Currently, Copado is certifying more than 1,000 DevOps professionals each month.

Virtual DevOps Days Worldwide

DevOps Days, the biggest Salesforce DevOps event kicked off in North America and the next virtual events will span 4 other regions – Europe (June 10), India (June 17), Australia/New Zealand (June 24) and Latin America (June 30). During this time, Copado will train and certify thousands of Salesforce DevOps professionals. The goal of DevOps Days is to demonstrate how to bring the speed and governance of DevOps to the Salesforce platform and increase development and release velocity. 

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Copado partnered with
Salesforce, Elements Cloud, OwnBackup, and Provar for the global event. 

Revolent Partnership

Copado partnered with Revolent to train Salesforce professionals on the high-demand DevOps skills. Revolent will build Copado’s DevOps training into its existing program which has certified hundreds of Salesforce professionals. Sanjay said in their news announcement: “To address this looming skills gap, we are partnering with Revolent to empower more people to skill up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Sanjay Gidwani, senior vice president of growth for Copado. “We are helping thousands of professionals build much-needed DevOps skills for the Salesforce platform. Armed with this high-value expertise, they will be able to expand their professional opportunities, and businesses can maximize their Salesforce investment with faster velocity, higher quality, and improved trust.”

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