Boost Your Thinking Skills – Tackle One Use Case at a Time! – Admin Excercise​ 1

Boost Your Thinking Skills – Tackle One Use Case at a Time! – Admin Excercise​ 1

Last Updated on July 6, 2023 by Rakesh Gupta

As of this point, we have completed several trails on Trailhead and are counting! As a result, we have amassed theoretical knowledge and have some practical experience. But, since our drive to learn Salesforce is insatiable, we want more!

Learning by doing is the key. So, let us look at several hands-on scenarios. By practicing, let us figure out how to identify, design and implement the best solution to solve a problem or a requirement.

Here is the game plan – take bite-size use cases and work on solving them. If you are stuck or get frustrated, reach out to me – I will guide you towards the solution but not solve it for you!

Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead – remember that, when one teaches, two learn!! So, get the ball rolling and knock out the following use cases!!

Hands-on Excercise

Donna Serdula has been just hired as a System Administrator at Gurukul on Cloud (GoC). She has invested a good amount of time learning Salesforce through Trailhead. She received the following requirement from her boss:

  1. At GoC, 30% of the phone numbers are incorrectly populated – i.e., they have less than10 characters. Going forward, we want to ensure that all leads, belonging to the United States (A custom drop-down field to store country), must have 10 digits phone number.
  2. GoC also wants to make sure that, either the Email or the Phone number, is required to create a lead in the system.

Help Donna to solve this requirement. Not only that, share with her different ways via which this requirement can be solved in Salesforce. And, last but not least, identify the best solution and explain why you believe it is the best solution!

Proofreader: - Munira Majmundar
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7 thoughts on “Boost Your Thinking Skills – Tackle One Use Case at a Time! – Admin Excercise​ 1

  1. The formula in the validation rule use NOT, IF, and LEN function and ISBLANK fuction for required field

  2. Hello,

    As a new admin I am thinking that validation rules would be the best way to satisfy this requirement. Unfortunately I am not very good at understanding them and can’t think of the specific formulas for each.

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