Roll Up Your Sleeves Fellow Ohanians – in Exchange, Become a Salesforce Champion!

Roll Up Your Sleeves Fellow Ohanians – in Exchange, Become a Salesforce Champion!

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Rakesh Gupta

What we learn to do, we learn by doing – Thomas Jefferson

What if you are a type of learner that learns best by solving numerous bite-size use cases again and again and again? Indeed, lately, I have been flooded with requests from my blog readers. They want me to help them extend their Salesforce expertise, achieved by amassing hard-earned Trailhead badges, by guiding them towards the next step – how to find various real use cases so that they can apply their knowledge and build confidence!

I wondered – in addition to blogging, publishing books, co-hosting Automation Hour – how may I help my Ohana? Then, I recalled these golden words.

We should teach the way one wants to learn! – Ignacio Estrada

Hmm…🤔 how are the readers of my blog wanting to learn?

Well, they want to gain mastery of the Salesforce Platform by applying their knowledge to solve various real use cases. So, I approached my friend, Munira Majmundar, who is also the Editor of my blog, to get her feedback. In light of the readers’ request, Munira quipped – ‘solving a use case a day will keep Salesforce blues away’!!

I took the suggestion to heart! Starting in March 2019, I will post one use case every day on my blog! Thanks, Munira!

I am grateful to the Trailhead team for their amazing content! Had that not been the case, my readers may not have felt this strong drive to extend their Salesforce Platform’s expertise and hunt for real use cases to apply their knowledge! Indeed, I continue to continuously learn from Trailhead to keep myself abreast of the new features and functionalities of the Platform.

Trailhead goes a long way in helping to build a solid foundation of the Platform for anyone who wants to build their career in Salesforce. It is not only a ‘fun way to learn’ but, it is addictive! As a result, once users complete bunch of trails, the Trailhead content whets their appetite for more and more! Now the users are ready, and eager, to apply their knowledge and prove to themselves, and to others, that they too have the wherewithal to solve real-world use cases! The readers of my blog are no exception! If anything, they are becoming increasingly vocal by the day! Their aspiration is my inspiration – so, without further ado, I propose as follows:

From March 4th I am going to post one question (mainly related to configuration) every day (10:00 AM EST) on my website. Here are my breakups for the questions:

  • March: – (20 Configuration – Admin) + 5 (Apex) – Beginner + 5 (Lightning Flow)
  • April: – (20 Configuration – Admin) + 5 (Apex) + 5 (Lightning Flow) – Intermediate
  • June: – (20 Configuration – Admin) + 5 (Apex) + 5 (Lightning Flow) – Advanced
  • and so on…

The best part – I am going to monitor the thread! So, if you are able to solve a problem, post your answer.

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More importantly, know that, I will be there every step of the way! For, as Robert Half succinctly put – “when one teaches, two learn”.

Wait, there is more! Every quarter, I am also going to give a $25 Amazon gift voucher to whoever participates most productively to the learning thread!

Keep your eyes open from March 4th onwards. For, I am also going to post questions on my twitter handle every day.

You have voiced your request successfully!! Now, please share your feedback!

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Proofreader: - Munira Majmundar
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  1. I love this idea! Thank you! I hope I can keep up but, even if I don’t, I think this will be incredibly valuable. Thank you for all of the work I know it will take.

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