"What would you wish of me –
learning Automation, Pardot or
- Genie of Salesforce!”
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My name is Rakesh Gupta. I am a Mumbai based Salesforce MVP, Coach, Author - an evangelist with experience in Salesforce as a Developer, Consultant, and Architect. Best known as an automation champion in the Salesforce ecosystem.
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Overwhelmed? Be no more! Join an unconventional facilitator to master Salesforce. My approach has built confidence among novice and, honed the skills of semi-amateurs. It is not just about becoming a Salesforce pro. The lofty goal is to unearth your potential and reach unexpected heights!


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Salesforce offers a Sea of study material, including Trailhead. Let my ‘Content Sailboat’ be your lighthouse to abet you in leveraging the offerings, and go beyond! The experience is bound to transform you into a proficient sailor of the Salesforce ecosystem!

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