Cirrus Insight: The SaaS Sales Productivity Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Cirrus Insight: The SaaS Sales Productivity Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Last Updated on April 1, 2018 by Rakesh Gupta

Cirrus Insight started as a solution for salespeople to bridge the gap between their email inbox and the world’s #1 CRM (customer relationship management) tool: Salesforce.

Using Cirrus Insight, sales teams can defeat the interrupted workflow and manual data entry that comes from working in your email inbox and jumping back-and-forth to Salesforce. Cirrus Insight can automatically sync activities (emails, meetings, tasks) from your inbox with Salesforce. You can even use Cirrus Insight to lookup, create, and update Salesforce records—leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, tasks, and more—right from within your inbox, so you don’t have to sign into Salesforce (ever again).

But an integration with Salesforce isn’t the only punch that Cirrus Insight can throw. In fact, you can also use the tool without Salesforce to gain access to a variety of tools that can be useful to a person in just about any profession. Thanks to recent acquisitions, Cirrus Insight’s functionality includes attachment tracking and meeting scheduling tools.

Even saying all this, we’ve only just scratched the surface of everything a subscription to Cirrus Insight’s SaaS sales tool can offer to a user. Serving over 250,000 users already, including Shopify and The Girl Scouts of America, Cirrus Insight offers a multitude of features worthy of Inc. 5000 sales teams that include, well, themselves!

The Salesforce Integration

Cirrus Insight is perhaps best known for its seamless integration between Gmail and Salesforce.

In today’s digital age, many works directly from their inboxes. A smart tool capable of eliminating manual data entry empowers salespeople to spend their precious time on activities more crucial to the sale.

Specifically, with Cirrus Insight, you can:

  • Add new data to Salesforce: track prospects and opportunities directly from your inbox
  • Create new leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, and more in Salesforce, as well as update and sync your records from Gmail or Outlook
  • Use your Salesforce-enabled inbox on your iPhone or Android (as many check their email on their phones).

Create Drip Campaigns

One of the most interesting Cirrus Insight features is the ability to create marketing-esque email drip campaigns, called Flight Plans.

Most marketing automation tools are needlessly complicated and require hiring an expert to at least set them up correctly. This is where Flight Plans come in to rescue sales teams who don’t have the time to invest in picking up a new marketing specialty skill.

Flight Plans are easy to set up, then reuse again and again. You can use this feature to create email templates, then use your saved email templates to create a series of follow up emails and necessary activities. Since follow up is so important, your Flight Plans are a tool you can use to make sure you scoop up every opportunity to advance a lead to a sale.

As soon as you integrate your inbox with Salesforce, you’ll be able to pull up customer information alongside Flight Plans emails and tasks. Easily save call details, including notes and custom fields, directly to Salesforce. To see if your efforts are paying off, check out detailed analytics and custom dashboards in Salesforce.

Meeting Scheduling

Cirrus Insight’s acquisition of brought with it the integration of an extremely useful SaaS sales tool that doesn’t require the use of Salesforce. Although you can technically use it to make sure you don’t double book yourself between Salesforce and Google Calendar.

Using Cirrus Insight’s scheduling feature, you can schedule meetings with prospects, clients, and even your mom by sending an email with your calendar availability. The tool offers your recipient possible meeting times based on your Gmail and Salesforce calendar, eliminating the otherwise annoying back and forth involved with finding a mutually agreeable time.

You can easily integrate this functionality with the aforementioned Flight Plans feature, automatically encouraging interested parties to set a meeting and move the sales relationship forward.

Attachment Tracking

Cirrus Insight also recently acquired, which adds document and attachment functionality to the core product.

Cirrus Insight’s new attachment tracking feature lets you manage and track email attachments to determine how recipients are interacting with them. Since it’s now a Cirrus Insight product, you can also use it to save emails and attachments to the right records in Salesforce.

By tracking your attachments, you’ll gain insight into whether your documents were received, who read and received them, whether they were forwarded, and which of your collateral brings in the most clicks, traffic, and conversions. This all can help you understand your contact’s level of interest, as well as determine the right time to reach out and take action. also allows you to update and take back documents, even after you’ve hit send. The best part is, if the recipient still hasn’t opened or read the sent attachment, they will be none the wiser that the attachment has been changed (and don’t receive any notifications regarding updates).

On that note, you can use this new attachment tracking feature to assist with document security. Using it ensures that only the person you’re sending documents to will be able to read them. To do this, password protect your documents, set an expiration date, or revoke access as necessary. also offers users a centralized content hub for your team to share a library of useful content, including things like presentations, proposals, case studies, and white papers. One of the newest features is the Reminder feature, which makes it easy to remind prospects about the documents they haven’t yet opened.

Cirrus Insight: The SaaS Sales Productivity Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Now that you’ve gotten to know Cirrus Insight—why not try it out to see how it fits into your existing process? Perhaps it will even revolutionize your workflow. There’s no way to know until you try! To help you out, we offer a free 14-day trial to test out all of Cirrus Insight’s bells and whistles.

Grab Cirrus Insight’s free 14-day trial now!

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