Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Summer’22 Release!

Top Ten Gems of Salesforce Lightning Experience Summer’22 Release!

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Rakesh Gupta

With each new release, Salesforce is adding tons of new functionalities to Lightning Experience. Which makes you more productive and helps you to provide a better customer experience. 

As of 10th May 2022, Sandboxes have been upgraded, as a result, your organization now gets the look and feel of the Summer’22 release. In case you have not read the entire 540 pages of Salesforce Summer’22 release notes, check out the Summer’22 release quick summary and Pardot Summer’22 Release: Top 10 Features written by me.

I combed through the release notes and highlighted the most exciting, interesting, and useful Lightning Experience features. Since Lightning Experience is getting faster and better with every release, it was a challenge to stop at just ten! To kick things off, here is my take on the coolest Lightning features from the Summer’22 release. 

  1. Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support:- You can now enable Person Accounts without reaching out to Salesforce Support. Person accounts store information by combining certain account and contact fields into one record. This allows you to store information about a person in a record that can act like an account when necessary.
  2. Salesforce for Slack (Beta):- Starting the week of April 25, Sales Cloud for Slack becomes available to customers as a Beta Service. Integrate Slack and Salesforce to unlock access to Slack apps, tools, and services.
    1. To enable Salesforce for Slack, navigate to Setup
    2. In the Quick Find box, enter Slack, and then select Enable Slack for Salesforce.
  3. Share Individual Campaigns with Colleagues in Lightning: – Now you can manually share an individual campaign record with another Salesforce user. This Classic feature is now available in Lightning Experience. A campaign owner can set sharing settings and view the sharing hierarchy from the action menu on a campaign record.
    1. To share a campaign with a new user or group, a campaign owner can open the campaign’s action menu and choose Sharing (1). To view who already has access to a campaign, select Sharing Hierarchy (2).
  4. Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder: – Customize related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout editor with the new Dynamic Related List – Single component. Choose the list’s fields and sort order, apply filters, and give the list a descriptive name. To see the most relevant records, set up two related lists with different filters on the same object. For example, on the Account record page, create one related list to see only the open opportunities. Then, create a second related list to see all Closed opportunities.
  5. Customize Cumulative Rollup Names: To tailor your forecast grid to your business, change the labels that represent cumulative rollups of forecast categories. For example, show cumulative rollups for Closed Only, Best Case, Commit, Most Likely, and Open Pipeline forecasts to reflect the way your company forecasts. Previously, label changes showed only for single-category rollups.
  6. Let Agents View Shift Segments and Accept or Decline Shifts in Agent Home: – Agent Home is now interactive. Agents can review the granular breakdown of their shift segments. Optionally, you can create an approval process and flow to let agents accept or decline changes to their shifts in real time.
  7. Summary Functions Now Include Median: – Report on the statistics that matter to your business. The median function is now available for all summary measures in reports and dashboards.
  8. Deploy New Policy Types from Security Policies:- Security policies are now generally available with new security policy types. You can create these security policies in Security Center: Trusted IP Ranges, Health Check Baseline, Password Configuration, and Session Settings.
  9. Create Custom Address Fields (Beta):- To improve address data accuracy and your users’ experience, create custom fields that mimic the behavior of standard address fields. To enable address field in your org do the following:
    1.  Enable Use custom address fields (Beta) under UserInterface setting.
    2. Make sure that State and Country/Territory Picklist feature is enabled. 
    3. Then create a custom Address field.
  10. Help More Users Succeed with Targeted Prompts:- More lower-level elements are now targetable using targeted prompts for In-App Guidance. You can now target elements such as Einstein Search, Help, Trailhead in the global header. Target action buttons in the Actions Ribbon on list views and record pages, or target elements in the Utility Bar.

Additional Enhancements are Worth Noting!

  1. Strengthen Formulas with New Functions: – Make your formulas more robust by using the new Date and Time, Math, and Text functions. Unless specified otherwise, you can use the new functions everywhere that you include a formula, such as formula fields, validation rules, approval processes, and workflow rules.
    Type Function Description
    Date and Time DAYOFYEAR Returns the day of the calendar year (from 1 through 366).
    Date and Time FORMATDURATION Formats the number of seconds with optional days, or the difference between times or dateTimes as HH:MI:SS.
    Date and Time ISOWEEK Returns the ISO 8601-week number (from 1 through 53) for the given date, ensuring that the first week starts on a Monday.
    Date and Time ISOYEAR Returns the ISO 8601 week-numbering year in four digits for the given date, ensuring that the first day is a Monday.
    Date and Time UNIXTIMESTAMP Returns the number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970 for the given date, or number of seconds in the day for a time.
    Math ACOS Returns the arc cosign of the number in radians, if the given number is between -1 and 1. Otherwise returns NULL.
    Math ASIN Returns the arc sine of the number in radians, if the given number is from -1 through 1. Otherwise returns NULL.
    Math ATAN Returns the arc tangent of the number in radians.
    Math ATAN2 Returns the arc tangent of the quotient of y and x in radians.
    Math CHR Returns a string with the first character’s code point as the given number.
    Math COS Returns the cosine of the number in radians, if the given number is between -1 and 1. Otherwise returns NULL.
    Math FROMUNIXTIME Returns the dateTime that represents the given number as the seconds elapsed since 1 Jan 1970.
    Math PI Returns pi.
    Math SIN Returns the sine of the number, where the number is given in radians.
    Math TAN Returns the tangent of the number, where the number is given in radians.
    Math TRUN Truncates a number to a specified number of digits.
    Text ASCII Returns the first character’s code point from the given string as a number.
    Text INITCAP Returns the text as lowercase with the first character of each word in uppercase.
  2. Discover the Objects and Fields Available to Users with Search Manager: – Easily view all searchable objects and the search status of each field with Search Manager. Save time and narrow your search using filters so that you can verify whether a field is searchable.
  3. Manage Associations For Emails in the Gmail Integration with Einstein Activity Capture: – Emails that Einstein Activity Capture users send and receive are captured and added to the activity timeline of related records. In Lightning Experience, Gmail integration users who are part of an Einstein Activity Capture configuration can now edit the associations between a captured email and its related records to improve the quality of their reports, activity metrics, and analytics. In the email application pane, reps can now see a selected email’s related records and sharing settings. And admins can now add quote and contract components to the email application pane in Lightning App Builder.

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