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  1. Rakesh Gupta, thanks for your time to share knowlodge.

    Can you exlpain how to generate de html button to reset password?


  2. Hi i try this and i is not working. I didn’t use 53. To make a test i put Greater than or equal 1 to make it trigger to all users ( i am in a SB with a few emails) The job is scheduled and the deliverability is in all emails. Any idea on how i can make it works?

  3. Working In good. I am not able to Populate username and firstname in email template.

    how do i populate username, number of days and first name in email template???

    what is {!Target_username.Firstname} in Email Template.

  4. I don’t understand this part “To test this for one user record, set the flag to true then set it to false”

    Where are you referring this? (under field update) and rule should be active for both time. How does it work ? please explain !

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Hi Nidhi,

      First, you have to understand, what you just created.

      1. You have created a time-based Workflow Rule. It will not fire automatically.
      2. To trigger it, Open a user record “set the flag to true then set it to false.”
      3. Now Change the user’s password

  5. Hi Rakesh,

    I can see Time-based workflow the one you have mentioned above but there’s nothing under delete section though I do have “modify all data” permission.
    What I need to do in order to see that ?

    1. Yes, use Apex or Login As feature to change the users’ password. Make sure to set the time-dependent action to 1 or 2 days.

  6. Thanks for your reply. The part I don’t quite understand is selecting a user for the email notification. In your example, you selected yourself which would only send the notification to you. How would you configure it so that the email would go to the ‘related user’ / all users?

    1. You are right, Do one thing Under “Recipient Type” Select “Email Field” and under “Recipients” select “Email Field:Email” this will work for all users. Let me know your though on it.

  7. Rakesh,

    Very nice solution, but I have a question. Is there anyway to set this up for all users or do you have to setup the workflow for each individual user? The problem is setting the “To” address in the email notification.

    1. No same workflow will work for all users, what you have to do set this up for all users update field through data loader. I mentioned this in last paragraph how to set this for all users

  8. If you wanted to trigger the workflow to kick off again when the user resets his/her password, how would you go about implementing that?

    1. Hi Jen,

      In this scenario i assume that user will change their password on last day and this is time based workflow it will always fire on same interval as you set. Now come to your point if user change their password on day 40th and from that day you want to count 30 days again then one option is write schedulable apex class.

      Rakesh Gupta

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