[New Book] Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification: A Practical Study Guide

[New Book] Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification: A Practical Study Guide

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Rakesh Gupta

Embarked on yet another milestone at the dawn of the Year 2020! I am pleased to announce the release of Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification: A Practical Study Guide book. 

The book is my first publication of the Year 2020 – and, my 7th book overall! I will be authoring two more books that will be published in 2020 and 2021. I am grateful to my supporters and critics, alike, for their constructive feedback. Thank you so very much!

In this book, I reflect on my years of experience working with the Salesforce platform. And, based on that, I identify critically or must know areas.


Who this book is for

Is gaining mastery of the Salesforce Platform your goal – irrespective of where you are on that journey at this very moment? Then, you are my audience. This book is certainly for you.

Salesforce is currently one of the most demanding and fastest-growing enterprise software companies. Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification: A Practical Study Guide is a hands-on guide to equip dedicated learners to take their knowledge to the next level and become a Salesforce-Certified Platform App Builder! The book laser focuses on real-world examples to help you acquire a thorough understanding of the Salesforce.com platform.

In addition to helping you to clear the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam, the book will enable you to master advanced Salesforce concepts – such as platform security, customizing the Lightning interface, automation, social features, the application development life cycle, and more.

A glimpse of what is on the silver platter:

I divided the book into eight chapters. Below is a high-level description of each chapter:

  1. Chapter 1: presents the fundamentals of the Salesforce Platform. 
  2. Chapter 2: exposes you to data models in Salesforce. 
  3. Chapter 3: takes a deep dive into Salesforce platform security. 
  4. Chapter 4: provides a ‘yellow brick road’ to Lightning Experience. 
  5. Chapter 5: lets you build mastery of business process automation.
  6. Chapter 6: skills you upon cutting edge tools like Lightning Flow and Process Builder. 
  7. Chapter 7: your end-to-end journey through the Application Development Life Cycle. 
  8. Chapter 8: readying you to harness like a pro – Salesforce’s social features and analytics capabilities. 

Last but not least, in each chapter, I provide a series of hands-on exercises to build your muscle memory. For each use case, I provide answers in the Appendix at the end of the book.

Take-off time! Start leveraging your clear, and comprehensive, understanding of how to use Flows and Process Builder to optimize code usage. 

And, much more – the list can go on!

A token of gratitude 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the content editor (Munira Majmundar) and technical reviewers (Jitendra Zaa and Philip Weinmeister) for their efforts and expertise in editing and reviewing the book. How else could I have achieved, and maintained such a high standard?


It’s Here! It’s Here!


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