Max your potential with Apex! – Excercise​ 3

Max your potential with Apex! – Excercise​ 3

Last Updated on July 26, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

This is the fifth week of posting a ‘use case a day’ so that a newbie can practice. These five weeks also gave me some time to relax – for, because I was posting a ‘use case a day’, I did not write any blogs. Now, it is time to go back to my regular fix – writing blogs!

During these five weeks, I received many emails requesting detailed answers to ‘one use case a day’ questions! The answer is ‘No’.

Sorry to disappoint – for several reasons: (1) the intent of these exercises is to help you think through a solution; (2) providing detailed answers will defeat the very purpose of these exercises; and, last but not least (3), coming up with ‘use case a day’, editing them for publishing etc., is pretty time consuming. My editor, Munira Majmundar, and I spend several hours working on each post – be it a ‘use case a day’ or a full-fledge blog. Unfortunately, neither she nor I have extra bandwidth to provide detailed answers – notwithstanding the fact that providing answers, as mentioned, defeats the very vision and mission of these exercises. So, do yourself a favor – think! Think through the steps and reach out to us for guidance.

With that said, next week is the last week of posting a ‘use case a day’ series. If you have any suggestion, feedback – please reach out to me via this form

I am posting a ‘use case a day’ because I strongly believe that one of the streamlined ways to master Salesforce is to take a requirement, think how to design and develop various solutions and then, chose the best solution. By so doing, I want to help my fellow Trailblazers to work on solving challenges and learn something new daily! Empower yourself with Salesforce skills so you too can be a ‘Giver’ and not just a ‘Taker’.

Yes, true! Certainly. Why just me? It is very likely that a fellow-trailblazer may be your guide instead; or, in the near future, you may be a guide to someone else! For remember, when one teaches, two learn!! So, get the ball rolling and, knock out the following use cases!!

Before that check out the previous exercises:

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So, without further ado, let us untangle the following use cases!!

Hands-on Excercise

Tim Robinson has recently started working as a Salesforce Developer at GoC. He is using Trailhead as a primary resource to learn Apex. He has received a requirement from his technical architect to write an Apex trigger that accomplishes the following:

  1. If an opportunity is closed-won then, don’t allow anyone to delete it except user with System Administrator profile.
  2. Once an opportunity is marked as closed won send an email to the following users:
    1. Opportunity Owner
    2. Account Owner
    3. Account Owner’s Manager
    4. All Contact’s associate to that Account
Proofreader: - Munira Majmundar
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