Step up your Inspection game with Salesforce & Mobility

Step up your Inspection game with Salesforce & Mobility

Last Updated on May 15, 2018 by Rakesh Gupta

There are almost limitless possibilities of using mobile devices and applications for inspection purposes. One of our customers uses it for building huge cargo ships – the users go in with a tablet and check every nut and bolt on the ship, verifying each checkup with a signature.

These are some other options for using mobility to perform inspections:

Property inspections Insurance claims Safety inspections
Damage reports Merchandise displays Vehicle inspections
Quality control Non-profit initiatives Plant management

If you already utilize Salesforce for inspection scenarios, consider equipping your field inspectors with an app that:

  • lets workers on-the-go access 100% of their Salesforce data via phone or tablet & work with them
  • can be easily customized to fit anyone’s needs & tailored to businesses of all kinds
  • allows companies to create, assign, complete and evaluate field inspections

There’s a lot more to inspections and inspectors than just someone with a notepad filling out checkboxes. The team in the field needs a reliable tool to receive the information, complete the questionnaires, and send back the results. Which all will be evaluated afterward via Salesforce on desktops. The teams designing questionnaires and surveys, assigning tasks for field reps and evaluating the results on their desktops, can interactively and directly work with their team in real time.

Meet Resco Mobile CRM, specially designed for your Salesforce Inspection operations.

It is a native mobile app that works on all major platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. Hence, it does not matter if your mobile workers prefer working with smartphones, tablets or both.

Inspector using a mobile app:

  • gets a list of inspections for the day assigned via the app – no need to call the office or go there personally to pick up the schedule
  • always knows when and where to go with the built-in calendar and look at the map that shows the appointment for the day to plan it
  • call up people directly via the app anytime needed
  • check in when each task starts and check out at the end
  • run, complete, and send back the questionnaires

Here are the steps of a small demonstration of a common Inspection scenario:

  1. You inspect the hospital facilities — it appears one of the monitors is down so you answerno to the question “Is the monitor working” Immediately after, a new window appears, asking you to snap a picture of the damage. There you can edit the picture, resize or crop it and highlight the damage – all right on the spot, all offline.
  2. You finish the questionnaire and send the claim to the back-office for processing, the app reminds you to ask the hospital manager for a signature that verifies the results of the inspection. The app lets you create electronic signatures, even when disconnected and you can choose how to save an automatically generated record (pdf, doc, xls)
  3. The report is saved and automatically stored – now others can follow up on it, whether it’s your superior who needs to approve it or the finance department that’s going to reimburse the customer.

Done! Now, you are off on the next visit!

To wrap it up, note that the Resco Inspections app is fully functional even with zero connection, so no rural are or underground parking will stand in your team’s way.

Want to know Resco and its technology better? Here’s the best place to reach them:

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