[App Review] Meet Resco Mobile App – Offline Mobility for Salesforce

[App Review] Meet Resco Mobile App – Offline Mobility for Salesforce

Last Updated on April 30, 2020 by Rakesh Gupta

Looking for a way to utilize offline knowledge articles, reports, maps, and more in a mobile solution for Salesforce?

If so, then, consider an offline mobile app solution. The offline mobile solution is of the utmost importance to sales representatives and field service agents because it enables them to deliver a pleasant customer experience effectively and efficiently. There are two options to mobilize Salesforce for your company’s mobile sales representatives and field service agents.

You can consider having a mobile extension to Salesforce – meaning being able to access Salesforce data from phone/tablet without any additional functionalities. You can start building your own solution, and then, integrate this mobile extension with many AppExchange apps that offer functionalities such maps, document management, etc.

Or, you can consider getting an ultimate business solution that is fully integrated with Salesforce.

The offline mobile solution entails some security risk. Since security is of utmost importance, a fully integrated system with Salesforce would mitigate security, and other, risks. Therefore, between the two, I would highly recommend the second option – an offline mobile option that is fully integrated with Salesforce.

Resco App

Resco’s Offline Mobile App not only brings the full offline capability to Salesforce users and their data. But, the app is fully integrated with Salesforce!

Resco is a mobile-first CRM solution that entails, not only access to all the Salesforce data from phone/tablet but, it also offers Device Security Management solution, route planning, mobile audit, field service management, sales management and much more.

Pic Credit: – Resco

Resco Mobile App, available on Salesforce AppExchange, and is fully customizablewith no coding skills required. The app offers a built-in Device Security Management in its offline mobile sales and field service app. The built-in security management provides a huge advantage because it removes the need to rely on a third-party security solution.

Another crucial aspect, that differentiates Resco Mobile CRM from the competition, is its full-fledged offline mobile capability. Being able to work offline goes far beyond scrolling through the 15 most recently viewed contacts. A true offline solution, like Resco, lets you create a quote, or even get a deal signed digitally, with absolutely no Internet connectivity at all.

When synchronizing with the server, the app creates a strongly encrypted local database on the device. As soon as you connect to the Internet network, you’ll see the app connecting directly to the Salesforce server (database) to provide updated data access. If the Internet is not available, the app provides a full (read/write) access to the data stored on the local database during the last synchronization.

Further, with the Resco’s offline mobile app, a user can use maps, create reports, manage documents, work with multimedia, generate invoices with signatures, and much more. On top of all that, because it is fully integrated with Salesforce, one Resco’s app can replace a number of AppExchange apps, altogether – One solution, one provider, unique user experience and one unique price!

Below are two most common business use case scenarios of how and why, offline mobile solutions, and particularly, Resco’s offline mobile solution, would be highly beneficial to Field Service Agents and Sales Representatives.

Business Use Case 1 – Field Service technician

Jacob is a field service technician specializing in servicing and heating repair. He is working at the service company (Universal Containers) focusing on furnace heating repairs, and the replacements of furnaces, boilers, and other heating products. To carry out high-value on-site service, Jacob’s company aims for a mobile-first enterprise strategy. Jacob relies on his Mobile CRM while working on his typical work case: Furnace inspection and repair. He starts and ends his day with his mobile device.

Every day, Jacob must perform dozens of tasks, to go from customer’s site-to-site, and so on. Below  is an example of how a typical field service case, this is how it could look like:

Pic Credit: – Resco

Business Use Case 2 – Sales reps in the field

Laura is sales representative/aid consultant at the organization that sells equipment for children with movement disabilities. Every morning, she plans her activities around her visits to schools, homes, institutions, and kindergartens, where she introduces the solutions, and its benefits, for the disabled.

Laura’s business is very sensitive and unique and therefore, it is highly important, for her, to plan daily routes precisely, and especially, in advance. By planning meticulously, Laura can get the most out of her time and, can direct her focus on the core of her job – which is, to help others.

Equipped with Mobile CRM, Laura can easily produce quotes, orders, store customer information or use offline maps and route planning for her daily visits. She continuously needs to update information about her new clients and opportunities. Therefore, it is crucial for Laura, to synchronize the data quickly when switching from online to offline mode, or vice-versa.

What’s the role of a mobile sales & field service app here? 

  • Ability to create, edit, and delete any Salesforce data right from phone/tablet despite no Internet connection.
  • Ability to perform all the daily tasks of a sales/field service rep in the same way he/she does when connected to the internet.
  • Offline maps.
  • Offline document generation & management.
  • Offline knowledge base articles (view, edit, delete…).
  • Offline signatures.
  • Offline lead generation/conversion.
  • Offline multimedia attachments.
  • Offline report generation.
  • Offline invoicing.
  • Offline barcode/QR code scanning and much more…

Offline Mobile Apps, allows Jacob and Laura to:

  • Access all the details about the work orders, customers, and even cases before going to the site.
  • Collect and work with all the information offline.
  • Work with real-time Salesforce data stored in the back office – anytime.
  • Preview the case/customer statistics/communication history.
  • Contact a customer right from the app (call, email) before/after the visit.
  • Plan the route all the way – thanks to maps & GPS.
  • Prioritize tasks based on distances, and get navigated via the shortest route.
  • Have access to the list of products/parts related to the task/visit.
  • Attach pictures, videos, and look up information in manuals.
  • Provide an invoice with a signature.
  • Automatically send reports to the back office right away.
  • Collect customer feedback/follow-ups within the app.
  • Convert leads to opportunities directly, while on-site? and much more…

Although there are several offline mobile app solutions, other than Resco Mobile App, I highly recommend Resco because, the app offers high level of security, while at the same time, providing flexibility and ease of use. You can also try out the app free for 30 days.

Note: – Thanks to Resco team for taking the time to help me understand, in-depth, the architecture of your product. 

Try this app today and don’t forget to share your experience with the Resco team!

Technical Editor and Proofreader: - Munira Majmundar
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