The Life of a Mid-level Salesforce Developer

The Life of a Mid-level Salesforce Developer

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One job role can yield a varied outcome. Working with Salesforce in US, UK and Germany is likely to result in different incomes and priorities. The infographic below presents a few key findings from a mass Salesforce professionals’ survey.


Earnings for a developer vary vastly across the world. For the sake of making comparisons, it’s easiest to convert the earnings data into dollars, but keep in mind changing currency values (especially with global developments in 2016).

Against the average US developer earnings of over $135,000, UK professionals earn approximately $66,000, while Germans make just over $71,000.

The US is likely to have the highest cost of living but even considering this, the salary is still much higher proportionally. Moreover, Americans have the highest disposable income which indicates their tech economy operates on a higher wage model. Additionally, it could be argued that the US tech market is simply more mature.

Research in the UK indicates digital salaries are quickly rising, and are already 44% higher than non-digital. 2017’s Tech Nation report states over 50% of UK tech businesses report skills shortages as their number one concern for growth. These factors combined suggest that in time, the UK may catch up to the US market.

Germany is also now reporting shortages in tech talent as they edge further towards digitalization (which is, for obvious reasons, music to Salesforce’s ears), much like the rest of the world. We can expect to see a similar trend in rising salaries across emerging tech countries.


The technology industry is made up of approximately 20% women, according to Forbes. This means Salesforce developers are better represented than the tech industry average.


As a product, Salesforce is designed to be used across industries, and that’s reflected in the data. That being said, over a third of the professional surveys operate in the IT and software sector, a huge ratio in relation to everything else, even consultancy.


Fascinatingly, over half of the developers surveyed have over 10 years of experience in the field, a rare find within digital industries.


The top employee benefits globally are a company laptop, followed by health insurance, and working from home.

Interestingly, in the full report, the results of this section change significantly as you travel geographically. Within UK respondents, the number one reported benefit is working from home, Germany is a company laptop, and in the US, the top 3 results are a dental plan, medical insurance, and a 401k match. The US’s results are very plausible and fit in with the overall economy’s working culture.

How do these figures compare with your own? Do you agree with the data presented in this graphic?

The Mason Frank International salary survey is available for download in a full report format.

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