Add Mass Members into Queues through Data Loader

Add Mass Members into Queues through Data Loader

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Rakesh Gupta

In Salesforce Queue and Public Group represent group of users. We can add any number of users to Queue or public group. There is no limitation on the number of members per Public Group. Now start with a business requirement.

Business Use case

Martin Jones is a System Administrator at Gurukul on Cloud (GoC). He received a requirement to add one user named Test User to all available queues in the organization.

Automation Champion Approach (I-do):

Suppose the number of queues in the organization is less than 10 or 20. In that case, you can do this via Salesforce UI, but Imagine If you have more than 300 queues in your organization, then it’s very frustrating to add a user to all queues through Salesforce UI. 

Today I will give you a brief about how to add Members into the Queues through Data Loader. Before proceeding to the next step is to install the Data Loader in your workstation. 

To add a user to queues, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open You Data Loader and click on Export.
  2. Log in to data loader by using your credential. 
  3. Once you logged  into data loader select Show all Salesforce objects.
  4. Then Select Queue sObject (QueueSobject) and then choose a target for store extract file as shown in below Screenshot:
  5. Click Next.
  6. The next step to use the query editor screen select QueueId and click on Finish, as shown in below image
  7. Open Your extract file add new column (Member ID – ID of user that you want to add into queue). It will look like something below screenshotQuote.Csv File after addition of Member ID
  8. Now click on Upsert button on Data Loader to add user to three queues.
  9. Select Show all Salesforce objects, then Select object “Group member (GroupMember)” , Choose the CSV fike that you created in last step and click on the  Next
  10. In The mapping screen map Queue Id –> GroupIdUser Id –> UserOrGroupId.
  11. Click on Next, Select location for Success and Error file.
  12. If you want to verify go to any queue and check user name in the Queue detail page.

Formative Assessment:

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